DJ Ermi – Dolce E Profondo Pt 2

October 31, 2011 in Singles

I don’t speak Italian but I’m pretty sure the title here would translate as ‘sweet and deep’. Which nicely sums up the three tracks on the second installment in this series from DJ Ermi and the recently revitalised, always on-point Black Vinyl Records.

DSP is driven by a full-phat bassline that underpins crisp, insistent percussion, some flute wibbles that for once DON’T sound horribly self-indulgent (largely because they’re not overdone) and spoken male vox about power and freedom and stuff. House is another funktified affair but a tad more driving, with some old-skool sounding piano chords and one of those vocals… yeah you know the ones… while Man A Man goes down a more percussive, almost DC10/tribally kinda path, albeit with the shakers and what have you offset by some sweetly meandering Spanish guitar and vibes (as in vibes the instrument).

Actually, thinking about it, perhaps whatever the Italian is for ‘sweet and upbeat’ might’ve been a better title, cos the emphasis here is definitely on dancefloor rumpshakers rather than late-night headnod-athons… but it’s a strong EP all the same.
Out: This week
About: At the moment you can mostly find Black Vinyl online at their Facebook page, but here’s an interesting interview with label boss Alan Russell at Stompy as well.
Oh yeah, and DJ Ermi is from Naples, in case you were wondering.

Talavera – Cacao EP

October 31, 2011 in Singles

In which a young Puerto Rican called Jose Gutierrez serves up “a blend of energetic and funky tunes, alongside deeper laidback grooves,” according to the hype sheet… and sorry to be so lazy and just cut and paste that but to be fair, that IS pretty much the size of it.

There are four tracks featured, of which you can file Higher and Jack under ‘energetic and funky’ and Rising Sunsets and We Communicate under ‘deeper and laidback’. I’m gonna plump for Rising Sunsets as my pick as of this moment, cos it’s brought a little sunshine into a cold, rainy and miserable October night. But were I on a dancefloor right now it’d be Jack that I’d want to hear the most: it’s upbeat enough to move bodies but floaty and drifty at the same time, which for me at least is always a winning combo.

Out: 4 November
About: This comes atcha on So Sound Recordings… Jazzy Eyewear’s Miami-based deep house imprint, which I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you!

Various – Haunted House Sampler

October 30, 2011 in Albums

Ho ho ho, merry Xmas everybody! And here’s wishing you the very happiest of festive greetings for this joyous season of… no hang on, it’s not Xmas at all, is it? No it’s Hallowe’en, season of scary monsters, supercreeps, ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. If only someone would put together a handy compilation of dark n’ scary dubstep and D&B to suit the occasion… oh look, they have!

The good news, though, is that as compilations of dark n’ scary dubstep and D&B with tracks called stuff like Werewolf and Tales From The Darkside go, this isn’t actually the horribly gnarly kiddie-chav-horror-fest you might expect. There are one or two comedically gnarly numbers from the ‘subtle as a slasher movie’ school of thought, certainly. But generally speaking the darkness on the 20 tracks featured here comes as often from dark atmospherics and moody cinematic tension as it does from ridiculous saw-tooth basslines or someone shouting “I’m going to eat your brain.”

I’m guessing most TIWWD readers aren’t that into horrorcore, gorestep etc and neither am I, yet there’s plenty here I do like. Insatek’s excellent deep, technoid dubstep outing Haunter, for one; or the vaguely Doc Scott-ish D&B workout Patterns Of Thought (also from Insatek), or Hue Jah Fink’s Every Time, which is essentially yer classic Urban Takeover-style late 90s jump-up.

So… approach with open ears, peeps!

Out: This week

About: This trip to the darkside is brought to you by Section 8 Dub, those Denver-based stalwarts of all things D&B and dubstep-related. Section 8 actually tend towards the darker side of things a lot of the time anyway, which makes the pleasing restraint shown here doubly surprising.

Smoof – Uncomplicated EP

October 30, 2011 in Singles

A three-track EP from Smoof here that sits somewhere between deep techno and progressive house, and is musical and melodic enough that it could also have broader appeal, particularly for afterhours parties, Sunday sessions, radio shows and the like.

Dreaming Of Unkissed Waters
mingles deep house, deep techno and Balearic influences. Minion is a more straight-up deep techno cut with a dramatic feel that should appeal to the progressive house DJs, while Uncomplicated is another track that’s in a proggy vein, only this time it’s not so much drama’d up as zonked out… just eight minutes of electronic grooves to put you in a trance. The good sort of trance, that is… not, y’know, the trance sort!

A decent bet, then, for lovers of that whole ‘well-crafted soundscapes’ kinda vibe.

Out: This week

About: This is the latest from the UK’s Zipped Records – relative newcomers to the scene but turning out some good stuff for sure (and always so polite in their emails, too, not to mention being based in TIWWD’s old home town of Manchesterford-On-Sea)

Ben Gomori – Island EP

October 30, 2011 in Singles

A five-track EP here from Mr Gomori as he returns to Baker Street, with three mixes of No Man Is An Island plus bonus cuts IJM and I See The Dubble With You.

In its original form, No Man Is An Island is a solid, chunky houser that sways along nicely at 124bpm, with a garage-y organ hook and the tiniest of male vocal snippets giving it an overall soulful and quite mellow vibe. Denney’s Bak 2 Jak Remix is, as the name suggests, a somewhat tuffer refix, using a longer section of the vocal and featuring a jaunty walking bassline, a longer section of vocal used, while Melos & Kyber go the other way on their Parrots & Palm Trees Remix, taking us into chilled-out territory at 120bpm.

IJM, meanwhile, features Saytek and is unsurprisingly a slightly techier proposition, though with similar Jersey-style organs to No Man… as well, while I See The Dubble With You is a decidedly ‘slo-mo’ affair, using the mantra-like repetition of a series of ever-building loops to create a sense of big room drama despite the postively sedate 120bpm pace.

It’s the original or Bak 2 Jak mixes of the title tracks that are doing it best for me, but with a range of styles to choose from this EP’s definitely worth investigating.

Out: This week.

About: Want to more about Baker Street Recordings? Then just click on the link. It’s elementary, you might say.

Lusty Zanzibar – Find A Way

October 30, 2011 in Albums

Lusty Zanzibar is something of a Nang stalwart already, having appeared on several label comps and remixed numerous Nang artists… so where else to head with his debut full-length?

Opening with The Feeling, which was out as a single some months back, Find A Way sees this young UK producer finding his way along a musical path that takes in elements of nu-disco, house and Balearica, and blending all those elements together to come up with a distinctive shiny happy grown-up dance pop hybrid all of his own, with Muneerah’s sweet female vocals (which appear on over half the tracks) helping to lend cohesion to the whole. As regards the question, ‘is it any good or not?’… well yeah it’s okay, actually, or I wouldn’t be writing about it – it can sound a little sickly-sweet and cloying in places, at times, but that depends on your mood I think.

Definitely an album you’ll want to pick your moment for, then. But there are enough gems here – disco instrumental Luminous Motion, Stonebridge-esque pop-house anthem Don’t Stop On The Beat, the icy Detroit-isms of On Our Way To Bliss – to make this worth a punt all the same.

Out: This week

About: For more, see

Vozmediano – Kill The Disco EP

October 28, 2011 in Singles

You may remember that Spanish tech-housers Vozmediano cropped up on King Street’s New Breed Of Deep House V/A sampler EP not so long since, with the excellent Un Cafe S’Il Vous Plait. Well, now they’re back on the legendary New York label with an EP all of their very own.

You get four tracks and five mixes, in total. All I Said is a decent enough if slightly generic slab of NY-style house, while Tango does what you think it’s gonna do but in much less of a cheesy oompah-loompah style than you’re probably expecting, and comes complete with a Nacho Marco Remix that for me is the standout cut of the whole EP, with the tango elements relegated to a secondary role in what becomes a big, driving houser suitable for main rooms and more underground floors alike.

Green Worm is a rawer-sounding house cut with more than a little of the early Strictlies about it, and then finally the EP comes to a close with Kill The Disco itself, a jerky, cut-up, experimental affair awash with reversed sounds, random bits of Afro chanting, sudden incongruous disco loops that burst in out of nowhere and disappear again just as quickly and, well, you get the idea. It’s crazy but you know what, it just might work…

All told there’s plenty to enjoy and a little bit to digest, too, making this one of King Street’s best releases of late for me.

Out: This week

About: For more info, hit up

Jesus Pablo – Dancing Chords

October 28, 2011 in Singles

There’s the proverbial clue in the name here because the Original Mix of Dancing Chords, at least, is all about the pia-pia-pianos…not in a screaming, tinkling Italian rave way, though. Or even in a minor-key, jazzy way. More in a rollicking, almost rock n’ roll (think Great Balls Of Fire) or tango-inspired way.

Hmmm. As you can see I’m kinda struggling to describe this properly, but once you hear its incessant jaunty ivories, topped off with brass stabs and underpinned by simple rolling beats, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about. Definitely one of the month’s quirkier and more interesting house releases, this one, and you can see it appealing to fans of Stimming, Solomun, Ripperton et al.

Remix-wise, we’re back in slightly more familiar dancefloor territory, as Roland Nights goes for an upbeat, vibe on a mix that’s carnival-esque and Ibiza-y in parts and really quite deep in others, while Audiotonic serves up a Phuturebound Dub that has a lot more space in the mix, which only makes those BIG piano chords sound even bigger!

Out: This week

About: Both Jesus Pablo and Roland Nights have made many appearances on Lost My Dog but this one comes courtesy of Al Bradley’s ever-excellent 3am Recordings.

Dual T – Night Feels EP

October 28, 2011 in Singles

The second release from new UK label Savoir Faire Musique, and a little cracker it is too, with three standalone tracks from Argentinian producer Dual T to choose from.

Where Did The Love Go is a big, driving house cut with a an insistent two-note synth/organ hook and snippets of cut-up female vocal, and kinda reminds me of early Angel Moraes material. Kirsty is a more party-hearty affair with brass stabs and a feel that’s very reminiscent of the jazzier end of early (we’re talking strictly 95-98) UK garage… and then finally Night Feels itself loops a snippet of Tweet’s Boogie 2 Nite (or possibly a resung version thereof) over some lush-with-a-capital-L pads to produce a proper late night driftaway number, with some Theremin (?) wibbles thrown in for added spacey effect.

Top quality stuff all round, then. Nothing else to say really, except that this one will delight the older heads for sure!

Out: This week

About: Savoir Faire Musique is a new project from City Soul Project’s Scott Harrington and can be found online here. Both SFM releases to date have been stormers so they’re definitely a label to keep an eye on!

Noisedock – Hips & Lips

October 28, 2011 in Singles

Italy’s Beenoise is a label that’s cropped up on here a few times lately. Although primarily a techno/minimal label, they seem to grasp as so few do that such styles can still be fun n’ funky… and things are definitely fun n’ funky here, on what’s without doubt the housiest thing I’ve heard from Beenoise to date.

The original’s a proggy, chugging slab of near-instrumental… well, house, but with a distinct techno twist to the sound palette. The remixes, though, from Bathajja and Agent Orange NYC vs Becka? Straight-up jacking house music through and through.

Which is never a bad thing, of course…

Out: This week

About: You can find Beenoise online here