FREE ALBUM! Echoes (The Remixes) – Renegade Media

September 30, 2011 in Albums

Well then, here’s a treat for a Friday night… a 12-track remix album from Renegade Media, the Toronto label run by rising world dub/reggae star Dubmatix. And it’s free.

I won’t bang on about it, cos you can hear it for yourself, obviously. Suffice to say if you like your dub vibes – from classic dub to digidub to dubstep – you seriously need this. And given the bargain-tastic price of precisely nothing, it’d be seriously rude not to grab yourself a copy!

Out: Well, now, obviously. Duh.
About: As Renegade Media has just given me/you a whole album for free, it’d be rather remiss of me not to at least include a link to their website, n’est-ce pas? If you dig the above then there’s whole lot more to love from this excellent label so go explore…

Elay Lazutkin – Funky EP

September 30, 2011 in Singles

Some truly funky-assed shit here on a tech-house tip, with four tracks guaranteed to send into a frenzy those floors that like it a little more electronic and twisted.

Actually, that’s pretty much all you need to know, so I could stop right there really. But I suppose I should tell you that while all four tracks will do the do for sure, People Of The World (distinguished by a vocal sample saying, er, “people of the world” and some cute little acid wibbles) is probably the standout for me.

Interestingly as well, the hype sheet bills this as techno. But I’d call it tech-house for sure. So shoot me.

Out: This week

About: This is on the relatively new (this is their 9th release) IBZ Recordings, who are based – unsurprisingly – in Ibiza, and who can be found on Soundcloud and MySpace. And here’s a little write-up about ’em on Resident Advisor as well.

Justin Harris – Music’s My Religion

September 30, 2011 in Singles

It’s that time of the week again, where you’re running out of days and nowhere near running out cool tunes, so might have to do one of those round-up thingies this weekend. But this had to get a proper mention. Yes, it’s Justin Harris of Freaks fame. So you’d expect this to be quality for sure. What’s a little bit surprising, though, is that it’s one of the most straight-up ‘house’ things we’ve heard from the man in years.

Not that I’m not a fan of the Freaks’ more experimental/leftfield vibes, cos I am – and nor is this house-by-numbers Hed Kandi fodder by a long chalk – but yeah, it’s a little bit more geared towards Saturday nights in big rooms than a lot of the Freaks’ output. In a good way.

The original features a preacherman vocal over an insistent, pulsating synth bassline, equally insistent percussion and a bunch of other sounds that have a distinctly 1993 feeling about them. The script gets flipped totally by Demarkus Lewis on Deez Preach 2 Teach Mix, which puts the same vocal over some classic Chicago-style squelchy acid deepness à la Mr Fingers. But then People 2011 is more of the retro party vibes, reworking a certain VERY familiar piano sample alongside a little of that gypsy vibe to devastating effect.

Like I said… just quality straight-up house music.

Out: This week

About: I think I’ve told you before about the mildly interesting fact Justin Harris DJ’d at my birthday party once (in 1993, funnily enough, years before he was famous or owt), so we’ll skip that bit and I’ll just tell you that this is another killer from the mighty Baker Street. And if having Justin Harris and Demarkus Lewis on the one 12″ isn’t a sign how far the Leeds boys have come up in the house music world, I don’t know what is…

David Boomah & Serum – Why They Wanna

September 29, 2011 in Singles

Continuing with tonight’s more eclectic theme, here we have a FIRING slab of D&B and dubstep courtesy of Mr Boomah, whose dulcet reggaefied vocals have graced several by Shy FX and others over the years.

Here though he teams up with rising D&B star Serum, for a pleasingly old skool sounding jungle roller of an A-side that brings some seriously heavy sub-bass pressure. It’s not the most groundbreaking tune perhaps but it’s quality for sure.

But that’s by no means the end of the story, because on the B we also have Mission Impossible, remixed by French producer Von D into a very different-sounding but equally heavy dubstep headnodder. It’s about as rough and sawtoothed in the bassline department as TIWWD cares to go, TBH, but Boomah’s sweet vocals counterpoint the gnarly bottom end nicely, moving the track beyond the limitations of mere ‘brostep’, as I believe the kiddies call it, with the two parts adding up to a far more satisfactory whole. Just be sure to have your bass-face at the ready.

Out: This week
About: This comes on the legendary V Recordings, and I’m sure you don’t really need me to tell you anything about them so we’ll leave it there!

Daniel Mehes – Highend

September 29, 2011 in Singles

So far this week we’ve talked pretty much exclusively about deep, techy house so let’s mix it up a little bit tonight. Starting with this release from new (this is DMI003) Hungarian label Dubmetrical, which somewhat unusually for TIWWD is an out-and-out techno stomper.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, stomping east European techno isn’t usually TIWWD’s cup of tea. And in fact, on the basis of the Original or the Andy Notalez Remix here, I’d be going “I’m sure it’s good for what it is but it’s not for me”. The Andy Notalez & Niaz Arca Remix, though… well that’s another kettle of fish altogether, as the Swedish pair turn Highend into a kind of dark, muscular industrial funk. It’s sparse, it’s heavily electronic, and it’s harder than you’d normally read about on this blog… but it’s also seriously groovy.

In other words, yeah it’s straight-up techno, but it’s GOOD straight-up techno, and worthy of your attention.

Out: This week

About: As I said, Dubmetrical are just three releases old… you can find ’em at but really that’ll just lead you to their Facebook and Soundcloud pages, for now. You can HEAR THIS at the latter.

Marvin Zeyss – In My Arms EP

September 28, 2011 in Singles

A brand new label, and a newish young German producer to boot. Mr Zeyss has had stuff out on iRecords and 1 Trax in the past year or so, I’m told, but I have to admit TIWWD is gonna have to treat him as a newbie today… which makes the quality of this four-track EP all the more impressive.

In My Arms in its original form is a lively, driving deep houser from the outset, then goes into an extended breakdown in the midsection before coming back strong with those whooshy kicks again. A 1am kinda tune, to these ears. Remix duties are taken care of by Giom, a producer in whose hands good things have a habit of happening… and his remix of In My Arms is no exception, as he loses the possibly slightly over-dramatic breakdown and gives the track a healthy injection of added funk instead – quality.

And speaking of funk… the other cut here is Between Your Legs, which is an altogether jauntier affair than the above. As with In My Arms, though, I can’t help feeling the Original tries to cram too many ideas into one track, the rolling organic funk at the beginning sitting somewhat uneasily, to these ears, with the more glitchy, cut-up midsection. So again it’s the remix that’s floating my boat more, the Luzz Vs Obrien Remix to give it a name, which goes down more of a ‘classic stripped-down house’ route.
Still, for a producer who made his debut only last year, this is very impressive stuff indeed – let’s hope there’s plenty more to come.
Out: This week
About: As I said, as well as marking Mr Zeyss’s first appearance on TIWWD this is also the debut release from a brand new label, UM Records. The guys behind it are no novices, though – as the hype sheet kindly points out: “New Zealand’s UM Records is the latest project from untitledmusic, the deep house ‘brand’ that encompasses a blog, a worldwide weekly radio show on eNation, Deepvibes, and Westradio, and [a] deep house fan group on Facebook.” To find out more, visit them on Soundcloud or check out the aforesaid Facebook group or their own brand new Facebook page.

Ethyl & Huxley – 3 Feet High

September 28, 2011 in Singles

A decent deep/tech-house offering from E&H here, complete with not one but two remixes from Roman Flügel, once of Alter Ego fame (on which, more in a mo’).

The original of 3 Feet High is a midpaced swayer of a tune, with a pleasingly capacious bottom end but other than that, a ‘less is more’ approach overall. It’d be better suited to afterhours/warmup play than peaktime action I’d suggest but there’s nothing wrong with that.

And the remixes? Not having been following the career of Mr Flügel in recent years I must admit I was pleasantly suprised, because the man once responsible for horrible shrill glitch garbage like Geht’s Noch (sorry, but I think it’s one of the worst records ever made) now seems to have returned to making proper house. And so his two rubs of 3 Feet High are actually rather good, Mix 1 bringing out the track’s driftaway, dreamy side while Mix 2 gets down and dirty on the dancefloor with an even phatter bottom-end than the Original.
Overall, it’s possibly a bit ‘deep in a trendy Hoxton way’ as opposed to ‘deep in a sweaty northern basement’ kinda way but it’s really very good all the same…
Out: This week… Saturday to be precise.
About: This is the debut release from Ethyl & Huxley’s own Saints & Sonnets label. You can find ’em on Facebook and there’s an interesting little write-up on Resident Advisor.

EZLV – Extended Weekend

September 27, 2011 in Singles

Kent’s Trendy Mullet Recordings come good here with some more top-quality deep house bizniss, this time courtesy of a pair of French Canadians called Ezekiel and Louis Vee. So you can see where they got the name from.

In total you get two mixes of Extended Weekend itself, plus bonus cut Soul Dwelling. In its Original form, Extended Weekend is a midpaced, warm-up/comedown, headnodding/sofa surfing kinda choon, with snatches of sampled speech plus an omnipresent ‘dum dum dum’ vocal, pads galore and of course, those all-important insistent kicks. Fellow French Canadian Maher Daniel then provides a remix which ups the dancefloor ante somewhat with rather more driving percussion, though it’s still one strictly for the deeper floors.

Soul Dwelling, meanwhile, is a slightly more upbeat affair with about as much of a ‘euphoric’ vibe about it as deep house ever gets, a female voice intoning ‘soca, soca’ (I think) and a blissful piano lead. Balearic niceness abounds, in other words.
Out: This week
About: Can’t believe this is Trendy Mullet’s 24th release yet it’s only recently they’ve really started to register on the TIWWD radar… which I guess goes to show just how hard it is to make an impression amidst the general bewildering profusion of indie start-up labels. Either that, or I’m just getting old and losing my touch, but that couldn’t be it, surely? Ahem. Anyway, you can find them online here (website), here (Soundcloud) and indeed here (FB)

Yovovich – Answear EP

September 26, 2011 in Singles

And while we’re on the subject of deep, techy numbers that don’t really do much or go anywhere much at all, but sound Pretty Damn Fine while they’re not doing it/not going there, here’s a brace more courtesy of Yovovich, on this latest from Unrivaled Music.

Given that both Answear and the accompanying 0143pm are, as I believe I’ve just made clear, pretty sparse and minimal, and given that Unrivaled haven’t supplied any information as to Yovovich’s pedigree/country of origin/shoe size/etc, this’ll be quite a short entry. But yeah, if you like it seriously deep you won’t go wrong here. And for what it’s worth, of the two quite similar-sounding tracks, 0143pm has just a little more floor-friendly bounce to it.
Out: This week. Today, in fact. As is usually the case on a Monday.
About: Find Unrivaled Music online here.

Claire Ripley – Sweat EP

September 26, 2011 in Singles

I’m not really a fan of swearing in the names of tracks/labels/nights… it just all seems a bit adolescent. “Ooh, look at me, I used a bad word, aren’t I naughty?” etc. But in this instance we’ll forgive Ms Ripley – just this once, mind – cos this EP headed up by the charmingly-titled DJ Fuckhead is a proper deep techy bomb.

“Which came first… shitty rave music, or the drugs?” asks a male voice in the aforesaid lead cut, while in the background the steady kicks and the wobbly treated organ (?) that doubles as both bassline and lead chug away nicely from start to finish. At just 122.82 BPM (according to Traktor) and with no big obvious hooks it’s not going to be getting hammered at peaktime in big clubs in Ibeefa or anything, but drop this on the right floor at the right time and it’ll slay ’em. Mark E then provides a remix which starts out just as uncompromisingly slow, dark and druggy, but then adds slightly more energetic techno percussion and some squelchy acid filth as the track progresses. Which is just fine, as it goes.

The accompanying Lois Eats Mud, meanwhile, is a brighter-sounding but still relatively sedate affair… if I was gonna anthropomorphise this tune, I’d cast it as a shy-but-pretty girl swaying gently on the fringes of the dancefloor. In Bearweasel’s hands, though, it becomes more of stripped-down, dubby thing that makes me think of listening to early Strictly instrumentals on Mogadon. Not that I’ve ever actually done that, you understand, but you get the idea.

So, childish cussing aside, this is thoughtful, techno-informed, forward-thinking house music from a rising star of the scene. Hurrah!

Out: This week

About: Claire Ripley has had stuff out before on Steve Bug’s Dessous and Aki Bergen’s Neurotraxx, which is another clue as to the kind of cerebral-but-groovy electronica contained herein. This particular, single, however, comes to you courtesy of Alex Arnout’s Sheffield-based Dogmatik Digital.