Snuff Crew – Basement Jams Vol 1

June 30, 2011 in Singles

One last entry for June, then, before the clock strikes midnight. Sorry it’s been a bit of a slack month for reviews, it’s been one thing after another. But anyway…

Berlin’s Snuff Crew back in action here, doing what they do best – retrofied acid house so you can party like it’s 1988. Fat 303 basslines and militant 909 percussion abound across the EP’s four tracks, and while you could accuse them of not really changing it up ever, you could also applaud them for sticking to their guns and doing what they do.
So that’s what we’re gonna do. Snuff Crew, This Is Why We Dance applauds you. This is ace. This is acieeed!
Out: It just says ‘June’. So now, then.
About: This comes atcha on Paris’s excellent Skylax Records, part of the Hardrock Striker stable. Find ’em on MySpace and Soundcloud.

Sydney & Lukez – Into Me

June 30, 2011 in Singles

The latest from my boy Sydney, once again in company with the man who seems to be pretty much his regular production partner of late, Lukez.

Just the two mixes to tell you about with this one. The original is a driving tech-houser that starts out nice and deep and gets proggier as it goes on – ideal for warm-up purposes, then – while the Roman Rai mix is less about the epic/dramatic melody and more about crisp, sparkling percussion and a big, room-filling bassline.
It’s the latter that’s floating my boat the most I think, but both will do the damage.
Out: This week
About: This comes of course on Sydney’s own Tokyo Red Recordings, who those of you that are paying attention will remember provided us with a rather excellent iDJ cover CD a few months back. You can find out all you need to know about Tokyo Red by visiting their MySpace or Sydney’s own website.

SumSuch – My Keepsake

June 30, 2011 in Singles

First thing I’ve had through in a while from Etoka, as far as I can recall, but there’s no let-up in quality from the Liverpudlian deep/tech house imprint here.

You get six tracks in all on this EP, with three mixes apiece of the title track and Underwear Model. Alvaro Hylander’s deeper, groovier take on the latter wins out over the more soundscape-y/abstract Original and Harold Heath rubs, for me, and indeed is probably my fave cut on the whole EP, while as for the mixes of My Keepsake itself, it’s Mr Heath’s time to shine, though the Mr Cenzo and Leigh Morgan mixes ain’t half bad either.
Out: This week on Beatport only, then everywhere else in four weeks’ time
About: Find out more about the excellent Etoka stable here.

Alvaro Ernesto – Magdalena

June 29, 2011 in Singles

I’ve got a gripe with this one… but I’ll save that for the ‘About’ bit.

First, let me tell that this is just a fine and dandy little house/tech-house chugger that will serve your dancefloor nicely. It may not inspire you to put a comment below saying, “My God, this is the most ground-breaking and innovative piece of music production since Sgt Pepper’s,” admittedly, but then, not every record has to, does it?

No, it doesn’t. Moving booties on floors is a large part of what house is all about, and this’ll do that nicely. Three mixes on offer, and Dompe’s is just a touch more bumpin’ and funk-fuelled than the Original or the DJ Raid Mix, so that’s the one I’d plump for, but any of one of the three will work on the floor without a doubt.
Out: This week
About: Okay, I did say I had a grumble… but it’s not with the record, it’s with the name of the label. There’s just really no need to call yourself Shitfuck Records, is there? It just smacks of silly teenagers giggling about how WILD! and ZANY! they are to me – see also Fuckpony, nights advertising “fuckstep and shitcore”, Shitmat Records, FuckButtons, yada yada yada… who precisely, in 2011, do these people think they’re shocking? Yawn.
That’s not to say Shitfuck don’t put out some good records though, cos they do… or that I’ve got anything against them personally, or that I’m saying you shouldn’t buy their shit… fuck, no! (teehee). Here’s their website and, guys, I wish you all the very best! Just expressing an opinion here… and hey, maybe I’m outta step with the kids of today, what do I know? Maybe I should have called this blog Piss Is Wank We Twat, and all the skinny-jeaned little oiks would love me, and I’d be on and all that. But, y’know, I’m not gonna.

Various – Deep House Sessions Vol 1 EP

June 29, 2011 in Singles

A fine little sampler here from this US label who I think are a) based in Chicago and b) at least in some way affiliated to, if not run by, Alexander East. I could be wrong but that’s what I’m guessing.

What we have are four cuts from the soulful end of the jazzy spectrum coming from the artists Castillo, Face, 3C and Jennifer Perryman in various combinations. If you dig the kind of grown-up, sophisticated soulful sounds of the likes of Stephanie Cooke, Ananda Project or Jody Watley when she gets her house on, you’ll find nothing to grumble about with Free (presented here in a mix by Glenn Underground) or Love’s Wine (a Demarkus Lewis mix excursion, this one), while the vocal-phobic can head instead for the excellent Dream State (Intensity of Sound’s Smoking Jazzy House Version).

Overall it’s one for lovers of traditional US deep/soulful house rather than the Berlin tech kiddies, for sure… but since when was there anything wrong with that?
Out: This week
About: See above – I don’t know huge amounts about 3345 Music, though from the looks of their website they’re certainly no newcomers to the game…

Groove Junkies – Rhythm Talks

June 28, 2011 in Singles

Been a while I must say since I’ve reviewed anything from the Groove Junkies…. no reason, just timing of releases, n’ that. But anyway, here they are again now (or rather he is again now, seeing as it’s just Evan these days) with Rhythm Talks, which is actually credited (as you’ll see from the sleeve) to Groove Junkies pres Louis Hale feat Peggi Blu.

As seems to be the way with the GJs there’s a pretty substantial remix rolecall, with no fewer than seven rubs on offer. Gonna rattle through ’em pretty quickly but the original is straight-up trad soulful house, the two Deep Afro mixes shouldn’t need much explaining, Angell Vitorre & RJ Spinher’s emphasis the spoken vocal to take us into that whole ‘deep house plus poetry’ arena, Christopher Wilde supplies a more laidback, beatdown-style take and then finally, the brace of GJs Mo Hump passes add a little disco energy for the dancefloor.
It’s between the original and the Mo Hump Instrumental for me, but Wilde’s mix is interesting as well.
Out: This week
About: As ever this is on More House, the Groove Junkies’ own label… find ’em online and HEAR THIS here.

Olivaffair – Generations EP

June 28, 2011 in Singles

The debut release from a new UK label – always worth shouting about in TIWWD’s eyes.

The Generations EP comprises three tracks in vinyl form, four if you buy the digital release. Bad Rendition is bumpin’ dancefloor deep house, Generations itself is more your late-night sofa surfer with spoken vocal samples, while Last Stand makes me think Olivaffair misspent at least some of his youth dancing in fields as the sun came up… best of all, all three feature the kind of fat analogue bass that’s graced great British dance music ever since the days of LFO and Tricky Disco. Digital buyers also get a Luke Pompey Remix of Last Stand, which ups the dancefloor ante with tuffer percussion while toning down the sunny Balearic vibe a little.
A very strong debut release indeed, show some love people!
Out: This week (30 June to be precise)
About: This comes atcha on the brand spankin’ new Definite Ridge Records, who are based in the somewhat unlikely location of Barnoldswick (a tiny little town now technically in Lancashire that was part of Yorkshire until 1974 and is still regarded as such by locals, geography and local govt fans). The label’s run by Olivaffair himself, AKA Leigh Oliver, and this is their very firstest release ever, but there’s more in the pipeline and they’ve got their new media presence pretty impressively locked down already cos here’s their website, Soundcloud and Facebook.

Lonya & Aruba – Cannibals

June 27, 2011 in Singles

The latest from the ever-excellent Elevation Recordings, who seem to back to their usual prolific form after a quiet spell that followed the 50th release album.

As with a lot of Elevation stuff, Cannibals could be described either as deep house with prog leanings, or as the deepest prog you’ve ever heard. But what do labels matter when the music’s as good as this? Mixes come from Superluminal, Daniell Spencer (x2), Audio Junkie and Bubba & T-Bone… they don’t vary hugely TBH but I think Audio Junkies’ rub would be my pick.

Out: Today

About: I’ve got a bit of a guilt thing going on here… Elevation were meant to be on the list of ‘labels to watch’ in the ‘Rising Stars of Deep & Tech House’ feature I did in iDJ recently, but somehow they fell off. Sorry Darran! But anyway, they’re based in Galway, Ireland and they release great records, nuff said. Check ’em out on Soundcloud and Facebook

Thomas Nawrath – Hey Yah

June 27, 2011 in Singles

Another one that came out late last week, but again only on Friday. It’s from a producer I don’t know a lot about as well – all I can tell you is that he’s “a young German producer”. But aren’t they all,

these days?

What I can tell you, though, is that in its original form, Hey Yah is a bouncy slab of tech-house complete with a big silly grin, that’s certain to inject some energy into less po-faced floors. It comes backed up with a JFTH Knock Knock Remix which tones down the toytown rave silliness a notch or three and is instead more yer basic heads-down chugger, and with Moogs, which kinda sits somewhere between the two.

All told, some decent dancefloor techy bizniss from, er, this young German producer…
Out: Now
About: Come to think of it, I don’t know much about Wired who this is on, either, except that they’re based in that London. They just send me stuff with a minimum of hype, which is good, and a minimum of info, which is less good… and they’re a bitch to find online. But because I love you, here’s their Soundcloud page.

Masahiro Suzuki – Wondazloop

June 27, 2011 in Singles

This actually came out on Friday, but what the hey…. it’s not like I’ve been exactly bang on-the-ball with releases for the past few weeks, is it? Got a working computer again now though so hopefully that’ll change!

Wondazloop is the latest release on the reborn Black Vinyl label and comes from the boss of Tokyo’s DMR Imports record shop (it says here). It features sampled spoken word vox from the US civil rights era (I think), a cheeky Nightwriters sample, and a little dash of jazz thrown in for good measure. There’s a lot going on over its five minutes 54 seconds, but it’s good. On the B, Red Criola is a more uptempo, jaunty, jazzy, piano-led affair made for moving booties on dancefloors of the cheese-free variety. It’s also got hints of Afro percussion… but not in a horribly noodly way.

Good to see BV back and doing what they do best: delivering underground bombs with scant regard for fashion, trends or all the other bullshit that goes with this industry.
Out: Now (but only for three days)
About: Black Vinyl are now based in sunny Antigua, don’tchaknow? Here’s their new Facebook page which seems to be their primary cyberhome at the mo’.