Kita & The Hat – Abreme’s Dream

December 31, 2010 in Singles

Kita & The Hat Abremes DreamDeep, driving tech-house with a bit of a proggy twist here… pretty much par for the course from the ever-dependable Endemic Digital, then.

There’s a bit of a saga behind Abreme’s Dream. Engineered by James Talk, it first came out earlier in the year on Koothoomi Records, when Kita & The Hat were a two-piece. Since then, Wez ‘The Hat’ Saunders has left the band to take up the job of running Endemic, who are now re-releasing the record even though Saunders is no longer an official part of K&TH, with former partner-in-crime Jodie ‘Kita’ Lucas now operating under the name on a solo basis.
Got all that? Good. Cos musically, all you need to know is that this is deep, driving tech-house with a bit of a proggy twist… and it’s quite good, even if there’s a lot of this kind of tackle around at the mo’. Mixes come from Saunders, Ed Lee, Ryan Luciano and Echofusion.
Out: This week
About: Endemic Digital have been cropping up on here a lot lately but here’s their website just in case.

Joeski & Matthias Heilbronn ft Theory – My Fix

December 30, 2010 in Singles

Joeski Heilbronn My FixWhen two big-hitters like this pair team up, you’d expect pretty good results. Thankfully, My Fix doesn’t disappoint. Kicking off with a simple pulsating b-line that owes not a little to classic Chi-town house, it gradually builds and evolves into an intoxicating, eyes-wide-shut dark room rhythm, and then stays there for the rest of its nine minutes.

The Vocal Remix adds some spoken vox in that menacing/ominous/sci-fi kinda fashion – think Thick Dick’s Welcome To The Jungle or, more recently Snuff Crew’s Berghain – but to be honest, it’s a trick other producers have played quite a lot, so I’d stick to the original if I were you. Sometimes less really is more.
Out: Now (but only for a few days, you’re not too late!)
About: This comes atcha on SAW Recordings, the legendary NYC stable which should need no introduction from me even though I don’t think they’ve cropped up on this blog before. More info here.

Da Funk – Gloomy Scene

December 28, 2010 in Singles

da funk gloomy sceneIn which Daniel Kneubühler, aka Da Funk, boss of Switzerland’s ever-excellent Acryl Music, takes a bit of a left turn from the deep stuff and turns out one seriously heavyweight main room dark, proggy funker. Think early Underworld at their grooviest and you’ll get the idea about the original and the GarcyNoise Ibiza’s Way remix.

Then, flip it over and we’re back to the quality deepness we’ve come to expect from Acryl, with Addex delivering a lean and mean 4am hip-shaker that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a Terrence Parker set circa 1994, and Pablo Fierro dropping some pad-tastic dub science for those more horizontal moments.

All told: it’s groovy, baby.

Out: This week

About: Acryl are ace, as I’ve told you lots of times. And definitely NOT German, which it seems I might accidentally have told you a few times. Sorry Dan.

So yes, they’re actually SWISS, not German. Are we all clear now? That’s SWISS, not German. And as well as in SWITZERLAND, not Germany, they also live here.

Betoko Vs The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone bootleg

December 28, 2010 in Singles

betokoWell well well… not sure if it was just coincidence or whether someone actually reads this blog 🙂 but a few hours after I wrote about Good Parts’ cheeky Ball Of Confusion rerub, this landed somewhat anonymously in my inbox.

In the manner of good, playable bootlegs since such things existed, this is an extended chuggy house workout with hefty doses of the original sprinkled on top – we’ve all had a few of those in our box. I remember in particular a French house remake of The Doors with a picture of Eric Cantona on the label I used to play, anyway I digress… yeah, this is nice.
Not sure if or when or how you get hold of it, mind. But a bit of Google- and Discogs-based detective work leads me to believe that Betoko is a 31yo Mexican guy called Alberto Cohen, and you can check out a load of his stuff on YouTube, so off you pop and enjoy that…
Out: Not 100% certain it is…
About: …but Wow! Recordings might know 🙂

Mike Jules & Luke J Sammut – She Thought, He Thought

December 28, 2010 in Singles

she thought, he thoughtRemember those 1980s records that you were never sure, was this indie or all-out pop? I’m thinking things like The First Picture Of You by The Lotus Eaters, or Wonderful Life by Black? Well, that’s what the vocal on this reminds me of: it’s got that same kind of ‘earnest, soulful white boy’ thing going on. I’m also wondering whether the title is some kind of reference to rd laing‘s knots?

80s pop and 70s psycholinguistics references aside, this is a pleasantly chugging slab of poppy-ish house/dance (or is it all-out pop?) that’s probably one for the younger floors* rather than aging house diehards. Like, er, me. But it’s got enough energy to do the do, and enough character to do it in a rather likeable way. I’d suggest the Rob Clarke mix might be the best for club play.

Out: This week
About: This is on a new-ish Aussie label called Brain Kat. Which has just made me think of Mooncat, but never mind that right now. Here’s their website.
* By which I don’t mean youth clubs or U18s discos; just those dancefloors where the average age is below 30. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t a lot of deep house clubs, these days.

Good Parts – Temptation

December 28, 2010 in Singles

good parts temptationMore cut-up/re-edit disco action from the Good Parts boys here.

Sadly, as befits the Star-Fi crew’s status as diggers extraordinaire, I’m mostly at a loss as to telling you what the originals are… except for the rather excellent rework of The Temptations’ Ball Of Confusion which gives the EP its title, of course. Oh hang on… apparently I Love You When Your Dub (sic) comes from a Rene & Angela tune, while Deeper Stuff (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) is actually a Good Parts original. Read the press release, Russell!
But never mind all that, all you need to know is that this is disco-fuelled, floor-moving tackle of the highest order.
Out: This week
About: Good Parts are of course regulars on Star-Fi Recordings, who you can find online here.

Alex Jones – City Farm EP

December 27, 2010 in Singles

Alex Jones City FarmCo-owner of the Hypercolour label, Alex Jones is described on the hype sheet as a producer of “sharp, modern house and techno with distinctly trippy edge”.

Yep, that’d about cover it.
Need to go do some other stuff for a bit right now, so not gonna go into every track, but suffice to say that if you like your electronic music forward-thinking, soul-infused and musical in an unpredictable, slightly experimental kinda way, then the four cuts here from Jones, who’s worked with the likes of Glimpse, Jamie Jones, Mark Henning and Subb-An, should suit you to a T.
Out: Now
About: This comes on the fledgling Vitalik label, which is a) run by Mark Henning, a) based in London/Ibiza and c) nothing to do with French techno bloke Vitalic. Here’s their website, and also, if you follow ’em on Soundcloud, not only do you get updates on all Vitalik releases, you can also download the Vitabits series of DJ tools.

Blakula – Permanent Midnight [Library Versions]

December 27, 2010 in Singles

About four or five months ago, I reviewed Blakula’s album Permanent Midnight in the pages of iDJ, calling it: “an arty, avant garde kind of affair […] probably one more for the connoisseurs rather than the dancefloor masses, and certainly best appreciated in its entirety, which means at home”. Well, now five tracks from said “horror-themed nu-disco concept album” get a new lease of after-life, as they’re reinvented in library music/soundtrack stylee.

So atmospheric drones, doleful minor piano chords, ominous footsteps and spookily creaking rusty door hinges are the order of the day. There’s nothing here you’d want to dance to at all – rather, it’s the sort of thing you’d use as a soundbed for your next spoof gothic horror short, or something.
An interesting oddity… albeit not really why we dance at all!
Out: Now
About: Like the original album, this comes atcha on Bear Funk, who are surely to be applauded for not being afraid to try something a little different.
Oh yeah, and Blakula’s lifestory would seem to be an interesting one. That is, if the press release is to be believed, but I can’t imagine they’d make up stories, can you?

Various – Neovinyl Allstars Vol 1

December 27, 2010 in Albums

Neovinyl AllstarsMust admit, new label Neovinyl hadn’t made a huge impression on me to date – that’s not a diss, I’m just not sure if I even heard any of their previous releases. Which makes it all the more of a good idea that release number 10 is the label’s first sampler EP/mini-album.

And what a sampler it is! If you like your house music deep, down and techy, with a soulful twist here, a disco flourish there and even a little garage-y skip in its step from time to time, then Neovinyl Allstars Vol 1, won’t disappoint. From the jerky future-step of Elef’s Bud’s Dancer, to the low-slung East Midland-ish bump n’ funk of Tom Ellis’s Want You, to the straight-up deepness of Baldo’s Looking Back For The Roots, this is a sure-fire winner.
Out: Now (for all of four or five days)
About: Neovinyl Recordings are based in Malaga, Spain. Here for your clicking pleasure are their website, a Soundcloud page where you can HEAR this and other releases and, finally, here’s a YouTube stream of this whole EP.
And FINALLY finally, for those who are too lazy even to click the links, here’s the Soundcloud player right here!

Poussez – Modern Identity [Andreas Saag Remixes]

December 25, 2010 in Singles

First reviewed this earlier back in, ooh, April or so, when it picked up the highly sought-after Top Tune award on iDJ’s house pages. And now it’s back with remixes from Andreas Saag…

The overall vibe on Saag’s four rubs is just a little less stripped-down and minimal, but the general ‘for da headz’ feel remains, as does the spoken anti-war vocal. The Epic Identity Remix also adds some Detroitian synth-string stabs, but basically all you need to know is that these are some fine remixes of what was already a damn fine deep house record.
Out: This week
About: This is of course on Artizan Music, which is Jafar and Maxime Cescau AKA Poussez’s own imprint. More info, and lots of free DJ mixes to download, here.
Oh, and happy Xmas, by the way.