Chymera – For The Lonely

November 29, 2010 in Singles

Nearly overlooked this… which would have been criminal cos it’s the first thing I’ve had from Komplex De Deep in a while and as, some 11 releases in, the label has yet to deliver us that’s anything less than excellent, it’d be a shame to miss one!

Deep, techy house is what this blog loves best in 2010; deep, techy house is what KDD do best, so this deep, techy house EP is a bit of a no-brainer, really. All told you get two mixes of For The Lonely, from Chymera himself and Fish Go Deep, and two of Ceril, the original plus a Master H Remix. And there’s not a duff cut in sight, is all you need to know!
Quite simply: for the deep heads, this is the bomb. Acquire.
Out: Today
About: Komplex De Deep is Master H’s own label and like I said, every release to date has been a stormer. Head on over to their website to HEAR THIS and find out more about ’em.

P’taah – Fade Away

November 29, 2010 in Singles

On this evidence, one might safely assume that the P’taah gang have at least a few Faze Action records in their collections… this is exactly the kind of deep house/disco fusion bizniss that the brothers Lee have made their speciality.

That almost sounds like it could be taken as a diss, but it’s not meant as one: I love Faze Action and I love this. I should mention, by the way, that both mixes are from those Silver City scamps, so I guess they’re as much to blame as P’taah. If pushed, I’d go for the Take Me To The Subtle Mix rather than the Space Mix, but both are groovy as you like.
So yes, this is deep house/disco tackle that sounds a bit like Faze Action, by Silver City. So you probably realise by now that you need to get hold of a copy forthwith, right?
Out: This week
About: P’taah are of course regulars over at the mighty King Street, though usually doing more wispy, soulful kinda stuff than freaky get-downs like this-y here. This actual release is flying the newer Street King flag and is further proof of that label’s shift from shouty ‘attitude-y’ noo rave electro bollocks, into quality contemporary house. More on all things King Street here.

Cid Inc – Magnify

November 29, 2010 in Singles

As I write this, it’s 6.59am on a Monday morning, it’s pitch black outside and -2°C… so an injection of energy would definitely be in order, methinks. Enter this chunky prog track from Cid Inc.

In fact, Magnify is about as proggy a cut as you’ll ever find reviewed on this blog, whichever of the three mixes you go for (original, Quivver or Tash). But there’s always room for a bit of prog when it’s as lo-slung, groovy and driving as this. The original mix would be my pick, being the housiest of the three, but there’s not a lot in it, to be fair.
Out: Tomorrow (30 Nov)
About: This comes on AlterImage Recordings, which is a label I haven’t come across before. But I can tell you that Cid Inc is Swedish, and you can read an interview with him at the label’s website. And, just for good measure, here’s the AlterImage MySpace as well.

Laid Back – Cocaine Cool

November 27, 2010 in Singles

I’m guessing most of you punk-funk/disco-not-disco enthusiasts will have come across this already cos there’s certainly been plenty of hype about it! But anyway, it’s out this week so in case it hadn’t registered on your radar yet…

Cocaine Cool is the real vintage deal, taken from the same 1981 sessions that gave the world the classic White Horse. This track, though, was apparently surpressed by their record label at the time, on the grounds that the lyric was too near the knuckle. Hard to imagine now cos it’s not a eulogy to Boutros or anything, it just happens to mention cocaine in the chorus. But then the early 80s were a different time – trust me, I remember them well! It wasn’t like today when, as Jez from Peep Show so eloquently put it, “Everyone agrees: drugs are fine now”.
Anyway, if you dig White Horse – and who doesn’t? – then you’re gonna dig Cocaine Cool, too. End of.
Out: This week
About: This little gem has been unearthed for you by Laid Back themselves, and is to be found on their own Brother Records, distributed by Word + Sound. More info here.

Da Funk – Come On

November 27, 2010 in Singles

Regular readers of TIWWD or iDJ will know I’m a big fan of Switzerland’s Da Funk. Here he steps away from his own Acryl Music imprint and drops another killer 12 for Dave Storm’s Estonia-based label Cabrio.

What I love about Da Funk’s own particular take on house music, is that it manages (almost always) to be both deep and dancefloor at the same time. And so it is here. It’s not as out-and-out deep as some of his stuff, thanks partly to chopped-up and treated female vox that make it that little bit more accessible, but the usual high quality standards apply. Four mixes to choose from, of which my pick would be the deeper Direktor Dub, or Kormix’s Comedown Remix.
Out: This week
About: Da Funk in real life is Daniel Kneubühler, which I’m glad I’m not having to try to pronounce. Here’s his personal website and here’s the website for his criminally under-rated Acryl Music label.
Cabrio, meanwhile, is an offshoot of Ceremony Records and you can find out more about both labels by visiting them here.

Frankie Feliciano – Soulful House Journey sampler

November 27, 2010 in Singles

So, Soulful House Journey is a new mix album on King Street, and this is a sampler EP featuring three tracks culled from the album, courtesy of Frankie Feliciano presents Real Thing, Tomo Inoue feat Stephanie Cooke and DJ Oji presents Original Man.

Feliciano/Real Thing’s own Moving On gets the EP started. It’s a gently rolling, somewhat Afro-inspired affair that will suit today’s soulful crowds, though a little lacking in oomph for me personally. Better by Inoue & Cooke is, er, better: the basic soulful house backdrop doesn’t do anything a million similar tracks don’t, but Ms Cooke’s tonsils can cover a multitude of sins. And then with Watch Dem Swing from Oji we’re back to the Afro percussion that everyone on the soulful scene sounds so obsessed with these days, which isn’t particularly exciting, though the use of the urgent-sounding, endlessly repeating spoken vocal sample (“watch dem swing/watch dem move”) is interesting and lifts it above the morass. There are some killer organs later on as well.
All told, it’s an EP that will suit the soulful house diehards down to the ground, so more power to King Street’s elbow – even if I personally am finding it harder to get too worked up by stuff like this these days.
Out: This week
About: Find King Street online here.

Various – Cubists Vol 3

November 27, 2010 in Albums

I can’t say I’ve ever been to Maidstone in Kent – at least, not that I can recall. But there must be something in the water down there, because as well as Nic Fanciulli and the Saved empire, the Kent town has also given us Cubism Records, who represent here with the third in their now-annual series of label comps.

Not gonna go into a massive long track-by-track breakdown, suffice to say that Cubism describe their remit as “cutting-edge, forward-thinking house and techno” and this album gives me no reason to quarrel with that analysis. A handful of established names (label bosses Lunacy Sound Division, Sam Ball, Saytek), a whole raft of newcomers, and ten tracks of fine contemporary dancefloor jackery. What more could you ask for?
Truly, these Kent boys are a credit to the (house) nation. More soon please, Cubists.
Out: Dec 2
About: Want to know more about Cubism? Then here’s their
MySpace Website Soundcloud page and hell they’re even mentioned on Wikipedia

Groovik – The Answer EP

November 27, 2010 in Singles

When it comes to old skool heroes, Blake Baxter is right up there in my books. I mention this now because if you agree, then you’ll love this latest from Groovik – it couldn’t be much more Baxter-esque if it tried!

Just the two mixes to choose from, the Original and an Adam Stolz Remix, and to be honest they’re not a million miles apart either. But if the Baxter-ish combo of moody spoken vocals sitting astride deep, techy midtempo beats sounds like it might appeal, then you should check this for sure.
Another point of reference would be Germany’s acid house revivalists like Kikumoto All-Stars or Snuff Crew – this is definitely one for the old skool heads, but in the current climate, that makes it paradoxically now-sounding as well!
Out: This week
About: Don’t know much about either Groovik or the label, Freaky Vibes, to be quite honest. But I did find a MySpace for the latter…

Benedetto & Farina – I’m So Grateful

November 27, 2010 in Singles

This latest from trad house stalwarts Reelgroove is all about the testifyin’ soulful male vocal courtesy of one LT Brown, which across four mixes sits atop various backings (or doesn’t, in one case).

The Original is chuggy and garage- y with just a slight techy twist: think Presence if they had Ron Carroll singing and you’re somewhere in the right ballpark. Clemens Rumpf delivers a bass-rumbled mix that’s a little more in a ‘funky house’ kinda stylee but that stays the right side of the cheesy/credible divide, with some nice old-skool synth/piano stabs. The Ron Jones remix is a little too close to Hed Kandi territory for comfort, but the acapella Vocal DJ Tool will no doubt come in handy for creative types. We’re told there are also Reprise and Instrumental versions on the full release, but those haven’t been promo’d here.
All told, it’ll suit the vocal diehards, though it’s neither Reelgroove’s strongest, nor particularly contemporary-sounding. Gotta love those stabs on the Rumpf mix, though.
Out: This week
About: Visit Reelgroove online here.

Digital Filth – Roots

November 26, 2010 in Singles

This was something I reviewed right back at the start this blog… you can read the review here. I said at the time I wasn’t sure if it was coming out… well, Mr Carroll got in touch somewhat out of the blue tonight, to tell me that it’s finally getting released now

So, sometimes I feel bad if I’m reviewing records that came out, like, last week… but in this case, I was reviewing something 18 months in advance. How much more bloody upfront do you want it, eh? 🙂

Anyway, you can buy it here