Voodoo Ray cheekiness

August 31, 2010 in Singles

As promised, if anyone wants to grab a copy of the Voodoo Ray bootie featured on the TIWWD Mixcloud show #2, you can do so….

That is all.

New Mixcloud show now online

August 31, 2010 in Singles

After much faffing yesterday, the second TIWWD Mixcloud show is now online… click here to go to the page.

Spent bloody hours on this one, so all feedback gratefully received. And will be putting up a link to DL the very special exclusive track later on today, meantime a massive thanks to Tim ‘Lo-Fi’ Stoakes for letting me share it with you… sorry it took so long mate.

DJ Simi – Dream It EP

August 29, 2010 in Singles

Not sure when this is out cos they helpfully haven’t included a release date, but it’s gonna have to get a review cos this is, to me, the best thing to come out of the Yoshitoshi stable for years. Generally, most of Yoshitoshi’s output has been a bit too… either techy, or proggy, or just head’s down boys-own drum tracks, for me. When they put out actual proper house music, though, they do it like few can – see, for instance, That’s Why I’m Here by Li’Isha Project from back in 1999, an all-time personal fave. And here, they’re most definitely back in that quality house saddle.

Three tracks, with the title track and its old skool-sounding “dre-eeam it” vocal hook my fave, but the slightly tuffer Dagobah and (particularly) Here We Go also well worth checking.
Out: Now? Christmas? Three weeks ago? Who can say. Baffles me when labels don’t supply the relevant info…
About: DJ Simi hails from Naples, Italy and has had releases on the likes of Toolroom, Sci+Tec and CR2. It says here. Yoshitoshi’s website (well, online shop) can be found here.

Jamie Anderson ft K-Alexi – Cyclone [Remixes]

August 28, 2010 in Singles

Must have missed the original of this when it (apparently) first came out in January this year, but never mind cos here’s a bumper package of remixes… and a heavy-hitting remix set it is too, with rubs from Stacey Pullen and Fish Go Deep, as well as rising star Coyu and Anderson himself.

You’d be expecting underground house/techno of a very high standard, then… and you wouldn’t be wrong. Not gonna go into every mix, but Coyu’s Wild Koncept Mix pays homage to Wild Pitch tracks of yore, Fish Go Deep, er, go deep, Stacey Pullen turns in a percussive dancefloor techno jam with an added warping retro-futurist synth hook, while Anderson’s Predator Remix is far busier affair than the original (which is included), which could take it to bigger floors. I think I’m gonna rock with Coyu, with Pullen’s rub a close second, but whichever mix you plump for, this is a very strong package.
Out: This has been around on Beatport since late July, but only came out properly (ie, everywhere else) on this Monday just gone.
About: This comes courtesy of Mija Recordings, the Birmingham-based label run by Louis Osbourne who is I believe son of the mighty Ozzy. As I’m in a generous mood (and to save me reading and re-typing loads of info!) here’s three links where you can find out more…
I’d start with the Soundcloud link, cos that’s where you can actually HEAR THIS for yourself

Various – Metrogroove pres Ibiza 2010

August 28, 2010 in Albums

Up to my ears this Bank Holiday w/e in downloading this week’s promos, reviewing stuff for iDJ and trying to find time to record a TIWWD Mixcloud show (recording difficulties having been resolved, at least temporarily), but if I don’t review this now I never will, so here we are!

As with the Seamless Ibiza album below, the important thing is not to let the Ibiza tag put you off. Metrogroove has been flying the flag for classic-sounding vocal house for several years now and this ten-tracker makes an excellent calling card for the label, packed as it is with no-nonsense, club-friendly vocal cuts from the likes of Reza, Peyton (an unhip name I know but I don’t give the proverbial flying one at a rolling doughnut, thanks – the boy can SING), World Of Colour and Distant People.
It’s long on driving beats, disco basslines and tinkling ivories… it’s refreshingly free of over-blown breakdowns, stoopid drum rolls and irritating Dutch-style high-end squeals n’ squawks… and for the Unashamed Disco Dollies™ it’s a proper uplifting treat. Check Don’t Wanna by Nick Jay ft Toni Seawright, for starters: shut your eyes and you’re at Holy City Zoo or Love To Be dancing to Allister Whitehead or Graeme Park all over again. Aah, those happy handbag days! Sigh.
Out: Ooh, now-ish, or thereabouts. They didn’t say exactly.
About: See above! Metrogroove one of those labels (alongside Reelgroove and Purple Music, for instance) to look out for if you’ve yet to fall out of love with the classic 90s house club sound; find out more from their MySpace.

Pdub & The M-Vibrator – Take Time EP

August 26, 2010 in Singles

Not got loads to say about this one. It’s a four-tracker of what the hype sheet is calling ‘dub-inflected tech-house’, I think they’re over-egging the dub/bass side of things a little TBH, but it is good, and it is pretty bassy.

It’s also, in places, a little too glitchy for me to get hugely excited about… until we come to Can’t. Can’t is basically what acid house music should sound like in 2010 – not in terms of being covered in 303s, cos it isn’t, just in the sense of being a big, squelchy, bouncy-ass house groove. Me like, a lot.
Don’t get me wrong, the other three tracks – Take Lime, Sprouts and Tsirimintzoulu – are all fine in their way, playable chunks of Berlin-sounding house/techno for sure, but Can’t is the one for me here. Boing!
Out: August 30 or possibly Sept 6, they don’t seem sure…
About: The rather oddly-named Pdub & The M-Vibrator hail from Athens. Permanent Damage Records who’ve released this, on the other hand, hail from London. You can find out more about Permanent Damage here. I’m sure Pdub (etc) must have a MySpace somewhere but I’m getting tired so you’ll have to look for yourself, sorry…
**UPDATE: Another one that made it onto the Mixcloud show above (Can’t, naturally)

Doc Daneeka – Hold On

August 26, 2010 in Singles

Was talking the other day to a good mate of mine who’s well into his dubstep, but especially dubstep that pushes the boundaries a bit, the more experimental dubstep-not-dubstep rather than just silly kiddy ‘ooh look what a big farty bass noise I can make’-type dubstep… he cited Ramp as his favourite label of the moment. Well, what do I spot in my inbox the next day but the latest single on Ramp, which the very sparse hype sheet simply touts as “a sneaky one-sided 10-inch of lazy summer vibes”.

And, yeah, it’s dubstep-ISH, a bit, but it’s not really. In fact, it’s about as housey as a track can get while still having dubstep DNA clearly visible, I’d say; there’s definitely a bit of a UK funky influence in there as well. And possibly a bit of jazz, to boot.
As such, it’s a record that’s hard to classify, but it’s good, and I could see it working for a range of jocks… but I guess you’ll just have to CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF, won’t you?
Out: This week
About: The Ramp Recordings MySpace is at the ‘check it’ link above or click here, Doc Daneeka’s own MySpace can be found here.

Funkyloco – Locomotion EP

August 26, 2010 in Singles

Regular readers of this blog or iDJ will know I’m a bit of a fan of Jazzy Eyewear and his So Sound Recordings label… well, this is the latest from So Sound’s sister label Uma Recordings, and it gives me no reason to alter my opinion whatsoever!

It’s a four-track affair. First you have Cool & Jazzy, which pretty much does what it says and which would make perfect warm-up/Sunday session/post-club/sundown material. Next there’s Psycho Club, a more discofied and uptempo joint with a satisfyingly rumbling low-end, swiftly followed by Que Buena Cabrona, which is a notch tougher with its unrelenting kicks but also adds in a little Latin/Afro flava around the edges. And then with EP closer Something Groovie we’re back in Sneak-y looped disco territory, with some great snippets of sampled dialogue and dancefloor energy to spare.
All told, then, it’s a pleasingly varied EP that’ll see deep house jocks right in a variety of situations; what more can we ask for, really? Apparently it’s already had props from everyone from Tedd Patterson to Richie Hawtin, and deservedly so.
Out: Tomorrow (August 27)
About: As stated, this is on Uma Recordings, an offshoot of the excellent So Sound. Funkyloco himself hails from Argentina, his real name’s Pablo Varela and he cites influences like Strictly Rhythm, Tribal America and Murk so you know his musical heart’s in the right place!
**UPDATE: You can hear Cool & Jazzy on the This Is Why We Dance Mixcloud Show #2, if you’ve a mind to – link above

Cesium – On The Low

August 25, 2010 in Singles

I’m putting this one on here because I was expecting it to be awful – it’s described on the hype sheet as “an amalgamation of deep house and trance,” which sounds like a really bad idea, I’m sure you’ll agree. Actually if you hear it though, it’s not at all bad.

I’d describe it more simply as coming from the deeper side of prog… yet it’s still upbeat and energetic enough to move a dancefloor. Yes, the synth riffs are a little mathematical maybe, in the way that trance riffs are… but if I was, say, at a beachfront bar in Ibiza and this was on, I could probably be persuaded to have a shimmy to it. And that’s, well, maybe not what it’s ALL about entirely, but ONE of the things it’s meant to be about, surely?

Out: Monday (August 30)
About: This is on Ooze Recordings, a Wolverhampton-based label whose output, as I’ve pointed out on here, before covers quite a lot of electronic dance music ground… and I think you’ve got to respect a label that doesn’t just play it safe and put out 100s of tunes that all sound the same. If you want to know more about Ooze, click here for their website.

Robot Child – Dusty Hi/Link

August 23, 2010 in Singles

This is the latest from Robot Child, AKA Tim Green or TG, who’s also had stuff out on some pretty decent labels such as Dirtybird and fourtwenty.
Both tracks come from that place where house and techno collide, and on both Dusty Hi and Link they collide in a very satisfactory, bleepy, druggy, heads-down fashion. Though I think Dusty Hi would be my fave if I had to pick, erring as it does more towards deep, proggy house whereas Link is more techy.
Not much more to say about either track really but both will work on underground floors for sure. Less well at yer local Oceana*, perhaps…
Out: This week
About: This is on Sideways Recordings, which I was gonna say is a new label to me… until I looked at their website and realised that’s exactly what I said when I reviewed one of their previous singles in iDJ. Doh!
Anyway, do have a look at their website cos it’s got loads of their radio shows to download which is cool. The label’s also co-owned by Keydin, by the way, who’s definitely on my ‘to watch’ list at the mo’, so that’s all the more reason to get on the Sideways groovy train sooner rather than later…