Various – Prime Cuts 3

June 29, 2010 in Albums

So I get sent this album, and the email says its out 28 June, and I listen to it and think yeah, that’s pretty cool. And I file it in the ‘To Blog’ folder, and more specifically in the ‘W/C June 28’ folder. I’m organised like that.

And then the week commencing 28 June rolls around, and I dig it out again and I look more closely at the PDF press release… and it says it was out in May. Go figure. Anyway, so apologies if you all fell off your dinosaurs grooving to this one or something. But it’s still very good, even if it is potentially two months old!
It’s a compilation from Beef Records, about whom more below, and it’s packed full of quality house grooves – varied enough to hold the attention, but not so varied as to be all over the place, with the overall feeling being towards the techier end of the deep spectrum but still funk-driven… does that make any sense? It does to me.
Some of the names will be familiar – Shur-I-Kan, Ivan Weber, Shades Of Grey – but most won’t. And a whole album of quality house/deep house from people you’ve never heard of… it doesn’t really get much better than that, does it? Go seek.
Out: Your guess is as good as mine!
About: I’ll confess to not being that aware of Australian label Beef Records before now, but on this evidence I shall certainly be paying more attention in future… how a label can be putting out deep house this good and get to a THIRD compilation before registering on my so-called professional radar, I don’t know. I hang my head in shame.
Anyway, according to their website, Beef was “born in Prague, reared in Sydney”. They’ve had 30-odd singles and three (!) label comps out, and describe themselves thus: “an independent electronic music label focusing on house music, tech house and deeper grooves”. Which can never be a bad thing, surely?

Mark Broom – Scream

June 29, 2010 in Singles

Some quality upbeat, energising tech-house here. Tech in that it’s quite tuff and driving… house in that’s it’s got its essential funky-ass wiggle on fo’ sho’!

The original mix is all cut-up disco loops and searing stabs – the Sneakster would be proud. The Go Back Mix, meanwhile is a little more heads-down and loopy, but I’d play either quite happily.
File under ‘dope tracky shit’, not much else to say really.
Out: This week
About: This is on Saved, which is of course Nic Fanciulli’s label. I was worried for a while we were gonna lose Nic to the darkside (that’s techno) but he seems to have rediscovered his love of house music of late, which is good to hear!

Trevor Vichas – Just In Love

June 29, 2010 in Singles

This ties in quite well with the Bearfunk release below, cos it too has old school funk/soul leanings – albeit just a little bit in this case – and cos it too is on a label I’ve raved about lots. But then it’s MY blog, innit?

Think your typical west coast house gone a tiny bit Prince (vocally, though said vocal is used qute restrainedly) and you’ve got the general idea here. There are five mixes in total but I’d suggest there’s two that really matter: label bosses Short Bus Kids’ rub for the dancefloor, and 3C’s Very Deep Dub, which isn’t actually THAT uber-deep or anything but WILL suit those late-night sessions with a sofa and a large, hand-rolled cigarette very nicely indeed, thank you.
Out: This week. Ooh, no, last week. Doh. Ah well.
About: This is on Bounce House, which is the SBKs’ label as discussed. Website here.

King DJ – Attack Of The Killer Monks

June 29, 2010 in Singles

Well, blow me ting is busy right now – hence slowness of blog updates and hence no TIWWD#2 show at the weekend. Still, busy = paying rent, so that’s good. Can’t neglect the blog entirely though, so first up this week is the latest from Bearfunk.

I get a bit confused cos Bearfunk, Tirk and Nang are all run out of the same office, and all follow a similar musical remit. Turns out though (I learned from a conversation this week) that it’s only the same people who do all the mechanical/admin-type stuff, otherwise they’re totally independent (and the same ppl also handle a load of trance labels and stuff, though they don’t send me that!).
I’m only telling you all this cos I’ve been on a bit of a Nang splurge lately (oh yeah, and Nang have another compilation coming out in July as well, ‘Beach Disco Sessions’, which is rather good, in case I don’t tell you about it again) so reviewing this might seem a bit favouritist/obsessive. But it’s not cos Bearfunk is separate, y’see?
That said, in its Original form, this is absolutely archetypical of that Nang/Tirk/Bearfunk synth-disco sound! The Glimmers Black Hole Dub does however inject a little funk, dare I say blackness? and there’s more of the same on b-side Clothes & Counters (both the orig and the Steve Kotey Remix).
Overall, then, quite an interesting cross, sitting somewhere between cold, synthy nu-disco and more organic funk. Me like.
Out: This week
About: I think if I explained any more about Bearfunk you’d thump me. So here’s their website and let’s leave it at that!

Afghan Headspin – Total Recall

June 27, 2010 in Singles

Rocstar are labelling Total Recall “breaks/dubstep” but in the interests of not calling a spade a two-handed digging and earth-shifting solution, let’s be honest – it really ain’t nothin’ but classic rave/hardcore, of an ilk that calls to mind Jonny L or Acen records from daze of yore.

Oh all right, the Schema and Eschericks remixes do both add some gnarly dubstep bottom end (satisfyingly in Schema’s case; the Eschericks mix is a bit kiddy-clownstep for me). But for me it’s the 1992-sounding Original with its chipmunk vox, rave stabs and sparse-sounding breakbeats all the way. Now, where’s me whistle?
Out: Today, if the hype sheet is to believed. Who puts tracks out on a Sunday, though?
About: This is on Rocstar, always a label that’s always worth checking on that tuffer, breaks-meets-house kinda tip. Rocstar is run by Lee ‘Cut La Roc’ Potter and you can find their MySpace here.

AeN – Hacienda EP

June 27, 2010 in Singles

As this is Italian, I’m not sure whether the “hacienda” of the title refers to Manchester’s most famous former yacht showroom, or just someone’s very big house in the country… but still, if it’s sleek, traditional-style house grooves you’re after, this is a very solid bet.

The beats and disco-fied bassline on the Original of Hacienda remind me of early UK garage circa 1995, before Spin Spin Sugar and the whole speed garage thing… you could have played this, told me it came out on Nice N’ Ripe or Confetti back in the day and I’d have easily believed you. Which is praise indeed, coming from me!
Remixes come from Manu L, Salvo Castelli and Fabiano Bion… all of whom make the track sound a little more contemporary, though to me it loses some of its old skool charm in the process. Never mind though, cos on bonus track Twin Twice it’s back to that late 90s vibe once more, this time with a walking disco bassline and jazzy keys providing a no-nonsense midtempo shaker for the floor.
Out: This week
About: This is the latest from fledgling Italian label Blackrose – their fifth release, in fact. Here’s what they have to say about themselves on their MySpace:

The Turin label BlackRose Records was founded in early 2009 by the DJ/Producer Alessandro Verros with his music partner, the DJ/Producer Stefano Genta. BlackRose is a label “new house sounds” a combination of deep, minimal and house. The project aims to bring out a new scenario, fresh and original, carried on by artists who work around the underground world scene.

Cristian Viviano & Antonio Castello – Enlightening EP

June 27, 2010 in Singles

Some straight-up house floor fodder for ya here, courtesy of Italian twosome Cristian Viviano and Antonio Castello.

There are seven tracks in total: three mixes of We’re Indigo, plus two each of Mocas and We Zoo You. I’m not gonna go into every mix, sorry, cos a) I’ve got some real work to do today and b) there’s a football match at 3pm I wouldn’t mind watching. But overall the vibe’s somewhere between deep and prog, with plenty of energy and a little hint of Latin flava: for deep dancefloor satisfaction, may I suggest the original mix of Mocas, or for something with a slightly lazier groove and a hint of nu-disco, check the System Of Survival Fat & Slow Rework of We’re Indigo.

Out: This week
About: This is on Climatic Sound, a new-ish label based in sunny Ibiza. Find ’em on MySpace.

Jahcoozi – Barefoot Wanderer Remixes Pt 2

June 27, 2010 in Singles

Okay, so I’ve already raved about the album Barefoot Wanderer in the pages of iDJ, and about the first Barefoot Wanderer Remixes EP on here… but when album standout Barefoot Dub gets a remix from dubstep don Ramadanman I could hardly ignore it…

There’s also a more leftfield-type mix from Viennese downtempo bloke Stereotyp, plus a clubbed-up remix of Read The Books from Ikonika, but Ramadanman’s mix is the real story here. Think Protection-era Massive Attack, but bang up-to-date: crucial stuff.
Out: This week
About: This is on Bpitch Control, website here.

Passionardor – Legacies & Visions EP

June 23, 2010 in Singles

Right, well I’ll confess to a degree of bias here cos I’ve known Mark Moore (AKA Passionardor, and no, not the one out of S-Express) for years… he used to write for iDJ and we used to be quite good buddies for a while, though we’ve not actually spoken for several years now.

’Course that puts you in the awkward position, what if your mate sends you his track…and it’s shit? That has happened in the past, believe! Thankfully not in this instance though, as Mr Moore delivers five sterling house cuts. Disco’s Revenge isn’t a new take on Gusto’s Harvey Mason-sampling track of the same name, instead sampling, er, some other disco nugget I can’t place right this second, but am sure I own somewhere; Rootz has more of an organic, live-instrument kinda feel and jazzy leanings; In The Thick of it flirts with both nu-disco and jazz-funk (and is probably my pick of the EP), and finally there are more disco-inspired doingz on In The Loop and Hypnotizing.

All told, a very worthwhile package indeed. Phew! Oh yeah, and it’s got a horse playing the trumpet on the cover as well. Which is something there frankly isn’t enough of.
Out: This week
About: This is on Italian label Gotta Keep Faith, who I don’t think have featured on this blog before but who can be found online here.

Rainer Weichold – I Want You

June 23, 2010 in Singles

Fairly typical Berlin house grooves here, but lovers of the chuggy, dark room vibe will be more than happy. And that does include me BTW, I’m not trying to damn it with faint praise or anything!

Remixes (three in addition to the original) come from a bunch of currently hot names, too – Lutzenkirchen, Oliver Ton and & Patrick Lindsey. Of the mixes, M&PL’s is the most stripped-down and minimal, while the Original has probably the most dancefloor bounce, and hence would be my pick. The other two sit somewhere in-between, and none of ’em are to be sniffed at.
Out: This week
About: This is on Kling Klong, who can generally be relied on to deliver the goods. Here’s the obligatory MySpace link, then.