Various – Choice Cuts Vol 1

May 31, 2010 in Albums

Endemic Digital is a label that’s picked up love from me both on this blog and in the pages of iDJ several times… but if you’ve yet to pick up on the Endemic vibe, now’s your chance, with this rather spiffing first label comp.

It’s compiled by label boss Scott Harrington and in their words is “a collection of some of his favourite tracks to date and a showcase of the deeper side of the label”. So expect tracks (12 of ’em, full length and unmixed for your DJing pleasure) from a bunch of deep house dudes that should certainly be familiar names to TIWWD readers – Greg Mak, Elliot Wright, Ryan Briggs, Harnessnoise, Justin Steel and, not unimpressively, US legend Onionz – with remixes from an even more familiar list of names like JT Donaldson, Conan Liquid and Terry Farley & Rocky.
Not much more to say, really… suffice to say deep house heads will be more than happy with this. Generally, but particularly those that like it from the slightly techier side of deep.
Out: Now
About: Endemic Digital is based in the thriving metropolis, cosmopolitan cultural hub and well-established house music capital that is Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex. The label was founded in 2008 and must be currently one of the most prolific labels around – they certainly seem to bombard me with a constant stream of promos. Not that I’m complaining, mind! Find ’em online here

Matt Prehn – Roots

May 31, 2010 in Singles

Okay, enough about hypothetical radio shows and on with the reviews! This is a new solo effort from Matt Prehn who’s one-third of leading SA house act Bang Bang, and a jolly pleasing outing it is too.

The original boasts a mighty fine organ line and a spoken male vocal, but really it’s all about the ‘acieeeeeeeeeeeeeeed’ here… and lots of it! On the B, Justin Harris of Freaks fame drops the acid (hoho) in favour of a more straight-up house groove with some interesting percussion sounds, and both mixes are well worth your attention/dollar, what more can I say?
Out: This week
About: As you might have surmised from the pic, this is another winner brought to you by the Baker Street mob up in Leeds… find ’em online here.

Mixcloud show coming soon!

May 31, 2010 in Singles

Right, well I notice with a rather touched bemusement that TIWWD now has five followers on Mixcloud… which is odd cos I haven’t actually put any shows up yet.

BUT! that’s gonna change soon, I promise. Plan is to do something each week or thereabouts, with the best of the week’s releases; not me showing off my laughably bad mixing, just me playing the best new music. And probably talking sh*te as well.
I’m feeling inspired @ the mo’ after just listening to ‘Dangerous’ Dave Jenkins (iDJ editor)’s new show on So watch this space cos it might actually happen soon…
And if you’ve not actually found Mixcloud yet… keep up people! But basically it’s like Soundcloud, only for radio – check it here.

Various – In The Night Vol 3

May 29, 2010 in Albums

Right, I’m not going to bang on about this for ages cos it actually came out a whole eight days ago, shock horror… but I did promise the label (and you) a review, so here it is.

What is there to really to say, though? I’ve said on this blog before that Acryl Music is one of the best deep house labels around right now… this latest in the label comp series is merely further proof. With a talent roster that includes a list of names to make the deeper heads salivate (Onur Ozman, Fer Ferrari, label boss Da Funk, Helly Larson and Agent Matteo, whose St Germain-esque Feel My Vibe is a particular highlight) as well as a cluster of newer talent, it’s a 15-track ticket to that deep and groovy dancefloor place in all our minds… the one that people who listen to Deadmau5, Crookers or Justice will (thankfully) never find. Go seek.
Out: Since 21 May, generally, and since late April on Beatport. I’ll be reviewing Elvis records next.
About: Acryl Music, based in Zurich, is probably one of the most-overlooked labels in house music. No-one ever seems to talk about ’em much but they’ve been coming up with an endless supply of deep belters since 2004. Right that wrong by visiting their website and MySpace, whydontcha.

Jonny L/Logistics – Sick Music 2 sampler

May 29, 2010 in Singles

Two heavy-hitters here on a sampler to push Hospital’s latest compilation Sick Music 2.

I’ve not actually heard the album but you can’t usually go wrong with Hospital, I find. That said, the Logistics track here, Warehouse (presented in Ill Skillz remix form) I can take or leave to be honest: a two-step D&B cut with bags of energy and a slight nod to jump-up/electro D&B, it’s perfectly acceptable and youngsters will like it but that’s about as much as you can say.
The same can’t be said, though , of 1 N 2 by Jonny L, which is just ace, a proper euphoric rush of a tune (another two-stepper, albeit a less frenetic affair than Warehouse*) that you can see going down big at festivals, such is its instant/crossover appeal. Yet it’s also got enough ‘about it’ to warrant repeat listening. A hip-wigglin’ lead line, soaring anthemic synths and an (almost) MC-style vocal add up to a surefire killer.
Out: This week
About: See the Hospital website for more on the Sick Music 2 full-length.
* Hospital are calling it ’emo-funk’ but I don’t listen to enough D&B to be that micro-genre-ist about it

Ichisan & Nakova – Pionir

May 29, 2010 in Singles

Be warned: if Nang’s archetypal 80s synth disco sound doesn’t light your candle, then you’re probably not gonna like Pionir much, cos it is, y’know, fairly archetypical Nang-style 80s synth disco.

That said, though, I do like Nang’s stuff and this is their signature sound done very well, so I’m loving it personally. On the original, glacial arpeggios, a synthesized John Williams-ish geetar melody and squelchy synth bass do battle in a nu-Italo dancefloor workout of epic proportions. The snappily-named Discodromo Avventurieri Nel Planeta K mix is a slightly more driving take, while as for the Lusty Zanibar Remix, well… I recently got given, somewhat randomly and for reasons I won’t got into, a DVD set of 80s sci-fi series The Tripods. And this sort of sounds like what you might hear at a Tripods disco. In other words, the 80s synth quotient gets pushed up even higher… just when you didn’t think such a thing was possible.
If cosmic disco done by John Carpenter sounds like your idea of fun, you’ll love this too.
Out: This week
About: Nang you should know about by now so here’s the weblink and we’ll leave it at that.
Ichisan & Nakova hail, like a lot of these nu-Italo types, from Slovenia, which of course used to be in Yugoslavia, and Pionir actually takes its name from a youth movement established by popular Yugoslav leader General Tito (hence the chipper young feller on the label). May 25, the day this came out, is Tito Day as it was Tito’s official birthday. Ha! You’ve learned something now, haven’t you?
Oh yeah, and this is also the lead single from I&N’s album Yugo Tempo, just so’s you know…

DJ Jaz – Skyler

May 29, 2010 in Singles

San Jose, California-based label Jump makes a welcome return here, having been MIA since 2002, and there are seven mixes of Skyler to talk about so let’s dive straight in.

In its original form, Skyler is a tuff-ish, techy-ish dancefloor deep houser, while DJ Jaz himself supplies a stuttered Sky Rework, which is available with or without a slightly Prince/Chromeo-esque vocal. A-Uneaq’s Remix and similar-sounding Slum Remix are more bubblin’, squelchy takes with some subtle rave-y touches, Arturo Garces takes us down a deeper road, and then finally, everyone’s favourite portly Puerto Rican Carlos Souza, AKA DJ Sneak, supplies a fairly self-explanatory Bumpiest Remix.
For me it’s just about a draw between the Sneak and Garces mixes, but it’s all good, as they say in the United States of America.
Out: This week.
About:Bay Area resident DJ Jaz was the original co-founder of Jump back in the day and now returns to the label having spent some time in further education and then set up two other (digital) labels, Haze and 456 Records. The reborn Jump doesn’t seem to have a website yet but don’t go confusing them with Birmingham bassline label Jump, will you?

Chicken Lips – Show Your Shape

May 25, 2010 in Albums

Well, what can I say? I’m tired, and you probably already know what Chicken Lips sound like. You also probably have a good idea of whether you need this ‘best of’ compilation or not: if you’re an ardent fan you do cos there’s a few different unreleased mixes, if you’re a bit of a fan but not obsessive you probably don’t cos you’ve got most of what’s here already, if you like them but have never bought much of their stuff then you probably do cos all the best bits are here, and if you think they smell of wee then you probably don’t cos, like, you think they smell of wee.

Me, I quite like Chicken Lips, but not obsessively, so I’m personally very happy to have all the best bits in one place. And as with last year’s Freaks ‘best of’, it’s striking how current much of what’s here sounds – compared to how futuristic and out-there it sounded when it was first released. Good bit of paradigm-shifting there, lads. And He Not In is still a great record. As is Wind Ya Neck In. As are, well, lots of the tracks here.
Out: This week, y’see, so just thought you might like to know.
About: This is on Tirk, as so many things covered on this blog are. Here’s their website, though it doesn’t look like it’s been updated for a while, so here’s the Chicken Lips MySpace as well and, just for good measure or anyone who’s just come in, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about ’em.

Case Sensitive – Cappascap EP

May 24, 2010 in Singles

This is fresh from Romania and will suit those who like their house of the deep n’ techy variety. Two tracks, Cappascap itself and B-side Experiment.

Of the two, Cappascap is my favourite by far, a chuggy, bassy, stripped-down deep houser pretty much 100% in-line with the kind of thing I most like to play right now. If there’s a criticism, it doesn’t DO loads, but then such records never do, do they? Like, it’s all about the groove, man… Experiment is also all about the groove, in this case a more percussion-led groove, with the drum patterns in question having a distinctively old skool Chicago feel. I like the way the vocal snips add interest, meaning this isn’t simply a tedious drum-athon, but the A is still the one for me.
Out: Friday (May 28), if you believe the hype sheet… or last Weds (May 19), according to the website. Harumph.
About: This is on All Inn Black, a new sister label from the people that brought you All Inn Records and Limited. All Inn Black will, we’re told, focus on upcoming talents and “warm, tough and heavy rhythms.” Find out more at the aforesaid All Inn website.

Tomas Malo – Nobody Loves You

May 24, 2010 in Singles

Not very nice sentiments those, are they? You want it to go on to say, “Nobody loves you… like I do, you big gorgeous hunk of man” or something, but no, it’s an instrumental. So the message here really IS “nobody loves you”.

F***ing charmin’, that.
Still, it’s a pretty groovy instrumental if glitter-spangled midtempo nu-disco-meets-deep house is your bag.
I’m kind of preferring the B though, No Pressure. Not only because it politely refrains from rubbing salt into the wounds of my tragic, lonely existence, but also cos it’s more of a straight-up deep house kinda thang, driven by some ace organ sounds. I’m not 100% on the spoken vocal – s’okay but it’s maybe a bit too much there, if you know what I mean, with very few moments of respite – but the underlying groove is strong enough to make it worth a dip regardless. That’s assuming of course that you’ve not just, like, hanged yourself because the A-side’s finally driven home what an empty futile life you really lead, or anything.
Out: Today
About: Tomas Malo used to work for The Samaritans but was asked to leave, and now makes house and nu-disco music instead. Actually that’s not true. In real life his real name’s Tom Gray, and he co-runs Architech Records (the label this is on) with proggy bloke Matt Playford, and this is their fourth release.
PS: You can HEAR THESE TRACKS for yourself by clicking here. And once you’ve listened to Nobody Loves You, you can also see if it doesn’t remind you a little bit of this, only a lot slower, cos it does me. But only a little bit, like I say.