Ante Perry & Olivier Gregoire – Honey Penny

April 19, 2010 in Singles

Let’s start the week with some tech-house, shall we? Do you think we can find any being released right now, readers?

Tee hee. Okay, so you’re thinking, “Oh god, another tech-house EP”, and to an extent I’d agree with you. But this four-tracker from Messrs Perry & Gregoire is worth checking if just for the deep, rumbling bass and cut-up female vocals on I’m So, or the jazzy tinges and lovely warm chords found on Swing.
As it goes the other two tracks are pretty decent too, so yes, worth a look this one, definitely.
Out: Wednesday (April 21)
About: This is the latest from Systematic Recordings, which is Marc Romboy’s label and has in the past featured releases from both these artists individually, as well as the likes of Robert Babicz, Spirit Catcher, Eyerer & Namito, Zoo Brazil, Stephan Bodzin, John Dahlback and of course Romboy himself. Website here.

Tim Andresen – Burnin’

April 18, 2010 in Singles

Nothing world-shattering to report here but a solid offering from Mr Denmark, as ever. Think tech-house gone disco and you’re in the right kinda ballpark, with insistent, tough-but-not-too-tough kicks, a rolling bass and a looped ‘burnin’’ vocal stab the order of the day.


There are Original, Dub and (deep breath) David Gausa Sutil Back To The Disco Mix mixes to choose from. The latter is probably my pick, so I won’t moan too much about the stupid, pointlessly long name.


Out: This week


About: As per, this is on What Happens, Tim’s own label who of course are based in Denmark. Website here and here’s some info on Tim Andresen as well.

The Brunch Club – Lost In Creation

April 18, 2010 in Singles

Bit of a sad story behind this one. It’s the debut release from a trio based in San Jose, California by the names Lucas Rodenbush, Christian Hunt and Joel Starr. However, Joel Starr has tragically passed away since this was recorded, after contracting meningitis.


Told you it was a sad story. All the more so because this rocks, and house music is the poorer for having lost a talent it didn’t even realise it had yet.


Anyway, the music, and yes, there’s plenty to delight the deeper heads here. Only Lost In Creation itself is really floor fodder, though – the other two cuts, Like Minds and Old Friends, are definitely to filed under ‘late night listening’. All three boast some wicked meandering guitar from Joel himself, in the tradition of the best Cali jazz-fusion of the 70s.


Out: This week


About: This is on Scenic Music, a new label run by The Brunch Club’s Jucas Rodenbush who’s had stuff out as E.B.E before on labels like Plastic City, Yellorange, Grayhound and Soma.

Sean Biddle – Chicago Revolution

April 18, 2010 in Singles

Very little in the way of info given here, and they haven’t even sent me a sleeve, but it’s a decent slab of discoid house all the same.

The original’s a simple looping disco groove, Alternative Reality’s LA Mix is a bit more tuff n’ pumping and makes more use of the “from Chicago we’re coming at you live” vocal and crowd noise, and then the Disfunction Remix is tougher still but still pretty disco-tastic, with some additional sampled fem vox thrown in for good measure.

Out: Who can say? Some time around now but they didn’t tell me.

About: This is on Nocturnal Recordings, a UK label not to be confused with the Shapeshifters’ label Nocturnal Groove. Find ’em on that t’internet here.

Gregor Tresher – The Life Wire [Remixes]

April 18, 2010 in Singles

The third and final remix 12 from Tresher’s album The Life Wire, with fresh rubs this time out courtesy of DJ Madskillz & 2000 And One, Martinez and Daniel Sanchez.


Martinez’s take on the album’s title track is tough and jacking – it’s good but perhaps a little techy for me personally. I’m preferring the deeper pass of the same track from Daniel Sanchez… but the real gem here is DJ Madskillz & 2000 And One’s mix of Escape To Amsterdam, which is big and bouncy without being too cheesy, with a lolloping, go-all-night kinda groove.


Out: This week


About: This is on Tresher’s own Frankfurt-based Break New Soil imprint, who can be found on MySpace here.


Deep Soul Unit – Limits EP

April 17, 2010 in Singles

South Africa is really coming into its own as a haven of production talent right now, emerging the way Eastern Europe did a few years ago. This latest from Deep Soul Unit won’t hurt matters.

Despite the name, this is deep more than soulful. A Day In The Forest is a midtempo bordering on downtempo affair with sampled sounds of rainforests, birdsong and so on. One for warm-up use, methinks. Deep Memories is an exercise in late-night driftaway loveliness with some LUSH chords, while Both World is in a similar vein but a little more synth-y and a tiny bit proggy.
What this EP highlights nicely is that for every Afro-centric township artist coming out of SA, there’s also plenty of straight-up house music without, y’know, all the congas and chanting n’ that. Not that it’s not good for South Africans to put their regional stamp on things, but I’m not a huge lover of Afro vibes generally and for me some of the stuff the likes of Vega are pushing is a bit like if all French house records had accordions on them. This, on the other hand, is just deep house, plain and simple.
Out: This week
About: This is on Joseph Mercado’s Next Dimension Music label. They’re based in Arizona, but online they live here (website) and here (MySpace).

Juliet Sikora, Tube & Berger – La Boca Loca

April 16, 2010 in Singles

This could be written off as just your bog-standard ‘right now’ kinda tech-houser, were it for the inclusion of some peculiar noises that lend the track a unique character. These are hinted at by the sleeve, because the track’s distinguishing characteristic is what sounds like an elephant trumpeting (but is probably just a muted trumpet, I’m guessing). There’s also, on the original mix, a little parping burst of the same that sounds remarkably like someone saying “fuck off”, but probably isn’t…

Mix-wise the Original has lots of rattly Latin percussion, the Simon2 remix is more your straight-up tech-house, but the pick by far for me is the Daniel Steinberg remix, which adds a hefty funky bassline slightly reminiscent of The Fog’s Been A Long Time, some ace Joey Negro-esque space disco stabs and just the teensiest, weeniest bit of acid (as well as a very brief vocal interlude in some language I can’t identify). It’s this mix that’s earned it its place on this blog, really.
Out: This week
About: This is on Kitt Ball Records, who are based in Solingen, Germany. This is their 16th release, they’re previously best known for their charity compilation It Began In Africa, and you can find out all about ’em by visiting their website and MySpace, at the latter of which you can currently HEAR THESE TRACKS as well.

Ah, now you see, no sooner had I finished writing this than I realised the website actually tells you that the funny noises in question are actually from a ‘mouth trumpet’. Which I’d not heard of before so I looked it up on Wikipedia

Jefferson Velazquez – Hail… Holy Life EP

April 16, 2010 in Singles

Another superb EP from Etoka Records, definitely one of my labels to watch for 2010.

The overall feeling is ultra-deep but the tracks are all quite different, which is no mean feat when you think about it. Lead track Abused Views comes in three mixes: the original is a squelchy deep tech-houser, the Microbodies remix is more overtly housified and Si Muir slows it down a touch for a mix that’s part Balearic, part ‘smack house’.
However, it’s the other two tracks that are the most interesting. Wheel Of Fortune sits somewhere between deep house and (say) The Orb, and features one of the weirdest disembodied vocals you’ll ever hear. It’s trippy as f*** and really rather good, the whole thing underpinned by a sumptous, slo-mo acid bassline. And then finally there’s Bruxelles, which displays more of an influence from US house/garage and is just a treat for the soul!
Out: This week
About: Etoka has come seemingly out of nowhere in the past year or two and, some 24 releases in, seems to have a pretty much unerring knack of unearthing quality deep house from unknown producers. Ignore them at your peril.
To assist in your non-ignoring of them, here’s their website and MySpace. Oh, and here’s a MySpace link for Jefferson Velazquez as well.

Penner & Muder – Another EP

April 15, 2010 in Singles

This pair have an album about to drop on Moodmusic, though I’ve not heard it yet so can’t say if it’s any good or not… but in the meantime, here’s a single on Wazi Wazi to be going on with.

There’s three tracks on offer. Presence Of Another Man is a midtempo deep house/motoric funk chugger, with a soulful male vocal bemoaning the slow death of relationship due to the unwanted involvement of a third party. It’s like a mournful Bill Withers jam for the 21st century!
The accompanying Presence Of Another Dub drops the vocal and adds some great organ and female vocal stabs in the middle, and then finally Walk On By continues in a similarly languid kinda vein, this time with some nice mellow keys giving it more of a late-night kinda feel.
Presence Of Another Dub is the pick of the three for me, but it’s good stuff all round.
Out: This week
About: Wazi Wazi is the label run by Nils Penner himself in cahoots with Klas-Henrik ‘Sasse’ Lindblad (of Filipsson & Lindblad fame, who you might remember did that ace A Splendor In The Grass album last year).
They’re just three releases deep, and I can’t seem to find a website or MySpace for them or even a Discogs entry. So instead here’s a link to, which happens by sheer coincidence to be about one of my other favourite things, robots. Gotta love the robots.

Lutzenkirchen – Somebody & The Music EP

April 15, 2010 in Singles

I always think Tobias Lutzenkirchen is kind of the househead’s techno producer. I guess you could call this tech-house… but to me it’s more housey techno, if that makes sense.
Whatever you call it, it’s pretty damn solid dancefloor-moving stuff all the same. The Music features a slightly disembodied and near-spoken black male vocal eulogising “the music” over looping beats and percussion, and would be my pick of the two cuts cos Somebody, while treading a similar path in that it too uses a very house-y style vocal, is a little more overtly techno.
Still, like I say, both will keep bodies moving on the floor. Which is the point, innit?
Out: This week
About: As you may have guessed from the pic, this is on 1605 Music Therapy, the Slovenian label run by the mighty Umek – another man with the knack of making loopy techno that appeals to house peeps. Well, it appeals to me, anyway. Find 1605 Music Therapy online here