Roger Sanchez presents… Battle Weapons Vol 2

January 31, 2010 in Singles

The S-Man puts his name to a five-track sampler EP on his own Stealth imprint. The tracks come from Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy, Jason Chance, Jesse Voorn and Nathan Cozzetto, and the over-riding theme is stomping big room cuts with tons of dancefloor energy.


Hanaghan & MDE’s Subida has a nice retro piano hook, but I’m not so sure about the vocal – lucky it comes in Vocal and Dub mixes, then. Jason Chance’s Diesel is another ‘accessible’ kinda club cut, while Jesse Voorn turns in the more electrofied and hip-house vocalled Rocket and, finally, Nathan Cozzetto gives us Repair which is a slightly wonkier, Berlin-influenced thang.


All told, a useful package if you, y’know, play in big nightclubs, n’ that. Battle weapons indeed.


Out: Now


About: See the Stealth website for more.

Sonotheque – Sugarblues EP

January 31, 2010 in Singles

A nice varied EP of deeper vibes here, from a label and artist I must admit I don’t really know anything about.


Still, taking ’em track by track, the titular Sugarblues fuses house, jazz/blues and the teensiest little bit of techno in that St Germain kinda stylee. It’s very playable, albeit nothing we haven’t heard before. The ever on-point Bearweasel then turn it into a heavyweight slab of deep dub techno that’s definitely worth checking.


Over on the flip, meanwhile, Latex Dreams is a funky-ass deep houser with touches of both disco and jazz, while digital-only bonuse cut Calor is a more horizontally-inclined number from that point where deep house shares a cheeky doob with ‘chill out’, with a forlorn-sounding female Latin vocal.


Like I said, then, nice and varied and well worth a punt. Assuming you’re not playing the peaktime slot at your local electrohouse night of course…


Out: Now


About: This is the 25th release from Metroline Ltd, about whom you can learn more at their website and MySpace; you also HEAR THESE TRACKS at the latter.

Various – Jubilee EP

January 31, 2010 in Singles

Erm, in what way is this an EP, please? There’s 13 tracks by 13 different artists. That makes it an album, surely? But anyway, Jubilee EP is what it says on the cover…


Like I said, then, 13 tracks from 13 different artists, most of whom (except Dragosh, Luca Bear and Andrew Grant) are new names to me and probably will be to all but the most ardent Lawler/VIVa devotee. The kind of track-y, percussive, borderline-tribal dark room house we’ve come to expect predominates, but to be fair, across the 13 cuts there’s actually quite a pleasing amount of variety, with the disco inflections of Luca Bear’s Deon catching my ear in particular.


Thanks to that variety, and the sheer quantity of new or rising talent on display, this is worth checking by househeads of most persuasions.


Out: Now


About: This is called (the) Jubilee EP cos it’s the 50th release from Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC label, so happy birthday to them. With VIVa events taking place across the globe as well as what’s clearly proving to be a successful label, a big hats off to Mr Lawler for helping new talent break through as well! More info here


Various – Munich Disco Tech Vol 6

January 31, 2010 in Singles

The latest in Great Stuff’s ever-checkable Munich Disco Tech series, and as ever there are some fine nuggets to tempt you.


The biggest surprise for me was Par Hammar’s Bang, cos the press release describes it as “a banging technotrack”… methinks they’re havin’ a bubble cos in real life it’s as jaunty and as hip-wigglin’ a slice of boompty-boomp house as you’ll hear all year. Me like!


Next up, Vincent Thomas turns in two tracks, Heureka and If I Had Known This Before. The latter’s a cover apparently but I’ll ’fess to not knowing the original, suffice to say both Vincent’s offerings are very respectable Deutscher house workouts, Heureka throwing in some cheeky disco soundsalike moments and a neat little jazz bass drop while the aforementioned …Known This Before, er, doesn’t.


And finally we get a surprise appearance from the Slovenian don of loopy, funky techno, the all-conquering Umek himself, who teams up with one Jay Lumen to deliver Sinful Ladies, a midtempo (for techno), percussion-y number that’s pleasant enough, but probably best filed under ‘warm-up’.


Out: Now


About: Great Stuff shouldn’t need any introduction by now, and anyway I’ve not got time… so here’s the relevant internet hyperlink thing and let’s be done with it.

Onionz – Set U Free

January 31, 2010 in Singles

After not reviewing anything by this uber-prolific NYC producer for ages, here’s two in quick succession (see also the review of Dancing For The Dead, below).


This time out we’re talking a throbbing house slab that’ll appeal to deep house floors, Ibiza terraces and big rooms alike – no mean feat. It comes in Big Room Mix, Original Smooth Mix and Joshua Collins Mix flavours; they don’t vary hugely in overall mood/tone, but the Original Smooth Mix does thrown in a crazy-ass funk break in the middle that’s absent from the other two, while the Joshua Collins Remix is a little less in your face in the synths department.


Out: Now


About: This is on Onionz’s own relaunched Elecktrik Soul Records. For more info visit

Cubik & Origami – Bought & Sold

January 31, 2010 in Singles

This is the latest from Prismatic Tracks, the Moulton Studios-based label that’s fast building itself a rep to match that of more established San Francisco labels like Transport, Salted and Loveslap!


The original comes from the chunkier, techier end of deep house, but features a quirky male vocal that calls to mind David Byrne’s performance on Lazy. It’s complemented by no fewer than six remixes from Q-Burns Abstract Message, Artie Flexs, George Cochrane (x2) and Pete Dafeet (x2). Not gonna go into all of ’em cos there’s a lot to get through today, but my pick would be Pete Dafeet’s slightly deeper, slightly more abstract (and vocal-free) Club Dub; most of the rest push the chunky/techy factor, except for Q-Burns’ rub which is more of a drifty, late-night kind of affair.


Out: Now


About: See above as regards Prismatic, or check ’em out online here. Origami meanwhile has previously collaborated with label boss Andrew Phelan, while Cubik & Origami have had two genre-blending long players out as a duo but this is the debut for Prismatic.

tONKPROJECT – One Night Stand

January 25, 2010 in Singles

This was first out on Proton Records in 2008, apparently, but I don’t remember it from then. Not to worry cos it’s now back as the debut release for Etoka Logue, a new off-shoot of Etoka Records.

This is a proper late night, deeper-than-deep affair… one of those tracks that you’d probably need a very specialist/educated dancefloor to play it to. I’d dance to stuff like this but I think most people would class it as a home listening affair. There are three mixes apiece of One Night Stand itself and Portclub, with the dubbed-out Ebencrib Remaster Work Edit of Portclub and the proper driftaway Artette’s Aphrodisiac Edit of One Night Stand particularly worthy of your attention. Those are just the pick of a very fine crop though, and there’s also a more floor-friendly dub of One Night Stand from Youandewan, a producer I need to find out more about I think cos his name’s cropping up quite a bit lately, and always on very good stuff…
Out: Today
About: Etoka Records are based in Liverpool, and were responsible for the excellent (if unimaginatively titled) Various Artists Pt 2 compilation featured on this blog not so long since, which is definitely worth checking. Etoka Logue is one of several new offshoots they’ve got launching, so things must be going well for them, which is good. Hit up their website for the full skinny and links to EtokaLogue, EtokaShapes and EtokaMiniature.

MANIK – Park To The Slope EP

January 25, 2010 in Singles

What was I just saying* about ‘acid’ and ‘deep’ not going together very often? Well, in typical Sod’s Law, anything-to-make-me-look-stupid fashion, here comes another track where they do. Oh cruel fate why do you mock me, etc.

Anyway, the track in question is one of three on this EP, and is entitled N Train To Astoria. Here, though, rather than using the 303 super-subtly like the Bonnie Drasko record, it’s a bit more like the tune has two faces – the deep one first, then the acid side takes over, then we go back to the deepness. Something of a journey of a track, then, and it’s a journey I’d recommend you and your dancefloor taking ASAP. Moving on, Rau Down Low is a fairly no-nonsense tracky number sitting on that techno/house borderline, while title track Park To The Slope itself is more yer straight-up dancefloor deep house, with a nice jazzy, off-kilter, west coast kinda feel. Despite MANIK actually being from New York.
Out:This week
About: MANIK is a 24yo producer from New York (as stated) who also records as Chatterbox. This is his debut for Ovum Records, which of course is Josh Wink’s label, and whose website is currently being refurbished so for now you’ll have to make do with their MySpace.
*see Bonnie Drasko review, below

Bonnie Drasko – Acid & Fresh EP

January 24, 2010 in Singles

It’s not often the words ‘acid’ and ‘deep’ go together, but here they go together like, well, two things that go together really rather well.

It’s the title cut where the real splendiferousness is to be found, starting out as a slab of lush, musical deepness before those 303 scribbles and screeches introduce themselves about two minutes in… nice. Manual Perez turns in a slightly tuffer remix but it’s the original for me. Rounding out the EP nicely is We Choose To Go To The Moon, a slice of bouncy dancefloor deep busting a hefty chunk of sampled JFK speech (I looked it up and everything) and a mid-to-uptempo lolloping groove underpinning an incessant staccato/stabby riff and yes, some more nicely understated acid twittering.
Out: Your guess is as good as mine…
About: Acid & Fresh is the work of a 29yo producer from Catalonia, Spain called Marcel F, and is brought to you by Lace Recordings, who are French. You can find out more by hitting up their MySpace… and if you do, like I just did, you’ll notice this release was announced on their blog way back in October, so why they’ve decided to send it in January, fuck knows. I’m confused now, but to be fair it doesn’t take a lot.

Ricky Inch presents Clazz

January 23, 2010 in Singles

Ricky Inch headlines an eight-track EP which is all about the jazzual vibes, and very lovely it all is too.

I should mention at this point I have a soft spot for appalling ’70s/’80s jazz-fusion and smooth jazz – for the uninitiated that’s like jazz-funk, only not quite so funky. It feels only fair to point this out cos some of this does sound quite like that, only with a 4/4 kickdrum stuck underneath. But if you’ve ever harboured a secret longing to jump into the Cortina and go cruising down country lanes, top down, sun-soaked meadows on either side of you and a Swedish/Essex blonde laughing in the passenger seat like you’re in some dreadful ’70s shampoo commercial, then cuts like D’Flower’s Rain Before will suit you down to the ground, or more accurately down to your white socks and loafers. Just as they do me.
Other tracks, such as Elastic Sound’s TechJazz or Vinyl Dharm’s Infidelity have a more contemporary, more overtly (deep) house-ified feel; yet others like St Maarten’s Rues De Jazz have that more midtempo St Germain/Souffles H kinda vibe going on. Overall, though, this EP is a must for anyone who likes a little jazz in the house…
Out: This week (Jan 27), you can hear it/buy it here
About: This is on Ceremony Records, whose releases have covered pretty much the whole of the deep house spectrum, from techy/proggy to more soulful. This is the jazziest thing I’ve heard from ’em by far, but anyway you can find out more here.