Artie Flexs – Damaged EP

November 30, 2009 in Singles

You can usually rely on Lost My Dog for some solid deep house action, and this four-tracker from Latvian newcomer Artie Flexs doesn’t disappoint. On this evidence, the fact that he’s gonna have a debut album out soon is definitely good news, especially as it’s apparently gonna be available for free download – more news on that when I have it.

In the meantime, the tracks here mainly plough a deep house furrow, with two warm, instrumental dancefloor groovers – The Blame and Precious – and two cuts that mess about in that deep/prog hinterland, In Control and Damage (still in a dancefloor way, though, not a drifty pointless way, in fact In Control is quite techy). Unsurprisingly it’s the former two I’m feeling more, especially the bouncier Precious, but this is a safe use of your Earth pounds all the same.
About: It’s good to see Lost My Dog doing well, the label’s pretty much a stalwart of the UK deep house scene these days… which isn’t bad going after less than 50 releases. More info can be found at their website and MySpace. Oh yeah, and the Damaged EP is out now.

King Cosmic – Freaky Queen

November 30, 2009 in Singles

WTF is going on in Leeds at the moment? This is yet another new label based in “the heart of the West Yorkshire conurbation”, which makes at least 17 since 9.30 this morning. Slow down, tyke-y house types!

Nah, s’good. Anyway, yeah, Freaky Queen, which is OUT TODAY and is a pretty groovy tech-houser except I’m not feeling that vocal at all, possibly because it reminds me of Iggy Pop singing Wild One (not that there’s anything wrong the Ig, you understand). So it’s lucky then that Bulgaria’s KiNK provide a throbbing, vocal-free retro acid remix, which is my pick of the crop here. Other mixes come from Timmy Stewart, whose mix is quite like the original without the vocal, but unfortunately also sans the bouncy bit at the end, and Paul Hardy, who goes for a slighly more dramatic, bigger room feel.
About: Don’t know anything about Hot Milk Records, apart from that they’re brand new and this is HOTMILK001. And they’re in Leeds, obviously. But here’s the label’s MySpace, and also there’s a Resident Advisor label profile thingummy here.
King Cosmic, meanwhile, is Leigh Williamson, who used be half of Cosmic Groove Transmission. CGT had stuff out on [briquerouge], DiY, Low Pressings and Odori, while as King Cosmic Leigh’s also recently graced Ireland’s excellent Elevation, so he’s got quite a good CV already.

Andrew Phelan & Origami – Other People’s Parts

November 30, 2009 in Singles

An EP/mini-album in which the Moulton Studios-based duo show what they can do on the remix front, with their takes on tracks by (deep breath) Ross Couch, Sleazy McQueen, Pete DaFeet, Short Bus Kids, Fingermonsters, Just Jason and George Cochrane.

Overall, what’s striking is just how atypical of the Moulton ‘sound’ most of the remixes are, with Phelan & Origami pursuing, on the whole, slightly tuffer paths. That’s not to say there’s not plenty of west coast bump n’ swing herein, just that lush pads and sultry female vocals are largely given a swerve in favour of crunchy beats, uncompromising synth lines and a glitchier feel, making for an EP that’s more contemporary- and more European-sounding than you might expect. Or maybe it’s just me that’s not been paying enough attention!
I’m not going to go into every track but Pete Dafeet’s 94 is a particular highlight for me, with the Short Bus Kids’ P-Ground Hos and Sleazy McQueen’s Through The Speakers also deserving an honourable mention (and I’ve surprised myself a bit with the latter cos it’s quite electrohouse really). Oh yeah and Fingermonsters’ Elevator is great, too (and a bit more typically San Fran, albeit with a bit of a Nordic slant… and Stephen Hawking on vocals). Otherwise suffice to say this is a quality selection of underground house 2009-style, and excellent VFM to boot.
About: This is on AP&O’s own Prismatic Tracks – for more info click here.

Spirit Catcher – Sedona

November 29, 2009 in Singles

If you’ve heard Spirit Catcher’s previous releases on the likes of NRK, 2020Vision, Moodmusic or Silver Network, you know what to expect here. That’s not to say it’s not very good, cos it is! Just that Jean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet do what they do – deep, chunky house music for the dancefloor – and this doesn’t alter the blueprint much.

There’s three tracks on offer. Forever And A Day is quite bumpin’ and west coast-y, Future Fools is a bit more contemporary/Berlin-ish but still with da funk in full effect, and something of a party-starter with its insistent “spin the record/let’s get naked” vocal (oh and if it starts THAT kind of party for you, then I’m jealous… but enjoy). And then finally the title cut Sedona is a slightly deeper affair than the other two: it’s still floor-friendly but you could equally well put this on after a club, in those wee smoky hours, in the way that you wouldn’t Future Fools, for instance. And it’s got some nice Detroit-y chords as well.
So, not huge amounts of ground being broken, but three varied and hi-calibre deep house tracks. And it’s been out since Monday, so go seek.
About: Spirit Catcher have been around for quite a few years now so I’m sure you’re “aware of their work” but here’s their website anyway. This particular release is on Marc Romboy’s Systematic label, who you can find here.

Double 99 – Ripgroove 2009

November 29, 2009 in Singles

Right, seeing as we’ve been talking harder stuff (see Dom Almond, below), here’s some more in-your-face bizniss in the form of three new (or new-ish) mixes of Tim Deluxe’s speed garage classic from 97.

Three very different mixes, too. One’s a reasonably faithful (and hence slightly pointless) rub by Cirez D, which was first out in 2006. It’s only really of interest cos Cirez D is actually Eric Prydz and it’s good to know not everything the boy from Sweden touches sinks to Call On Me-like depths of unfathomable awfulness… beyond that you might as well just play the original. There’s also a version from The Count (as in ‘and Sinden’), but we’ll gloss over that one (it’s very contemporary-sounding for sure, but it’s not a bass sound I’m a fan of, and we’ll leave it at that).
So really the reason this is here is the Kinsy remix. This is a remix competition winner… which is perhaps a bit surprising, cos he turns Ripgroove into a no-holds dubstep workout, and it ends up sounding like this is how the track was always just WAITING to be heard. Big up yaself Mr K! Let’s hear more soon, please.
About: This is on Skint, one half of the Skint/Loaded pairing down in Brighton. Visit their website and you can currently HEAR all the above mixes, plus the 2nd and 3rd place runners-up in the competition that Kinsy won, too…

Dom Almond – Pirate Radio/Up Or Down

November 29, 2009 in Singles

This is a bit of a different one for TIWWD but thought it’d make a nice change of pace after all the deep n’ techy house below (and this is meant to be a blog unhindered by pigeonholes in any case).

Pirate Radio is basically a slab of tear-out breakbeat with a slight old skool rave feel to it. Not normally the biggest fan of tear-out – I mostly prefer my breaks on the funky/house-y side – but this pleases with almost jungle-style warping bass and plenty going on generally. However, Up Or Down is even better, fusing Bukem-style ambience with house-y/techno-y synths, ragga shouts and relentless firing snares. Sounds a bit of a hotch-potch but it works, in the same sort of genre-agnostic kinda way that, say, Dooms Night or 138 Trek worked.
About: This comes on Pure Filth, which is NOT the nu-jazz/broken beat stable from London, but rather one of several labels helmed by Ollywood and sailing under the Hardcore Beats flag… for more info on Pure Filth/Wicky Lindows/Future Perfect and Hardcore Beats itself, click here. Be quick and you can grab some FREE TUNEAGE from Schema as well!

Berny & Guru – Choose One EP

November 27, 2009 in Singles

The title track of this three-track EP uses that very (some might say overly) familiar “six million ways to die” sample. Does anyone know where it first came from? One forum reckoned from a Cutty Ranks track but I’m not 100% sure…

Anyway, that sample aside, Choose One is a nice beefy slab of rolling tech-house. Then you get Watch Your Step, another upbeat affair with a very mid-’90s Brit-house kinda feel to its main synth riff, that then goes a bit Balearic as it goes on, while finally Kinky Girl is a tuffer workout with tribal drums and a breathy female telling us she’s “a very kinky girl”… sadly no Rick James sample though!
About: Berny & Guru are a pair of Italian producers who seem to be on the up right now, while this comes on Seamless Black, a label that’s had more props on here than most. This isn’t SBL’s best ever but it’s good solid stuff all the same. Seamless website here, or you can hear Choose One for yourself on Soundcloud here.

CALiGULA – The Countdown/Mainline

November 27, 2009 in Singles

CALiGULA bill themselves as “an SF-based disco/house outfit” **EDIT: EXCEPT NOW THEY’RE IN NYC, SEE BELOW** and here they step up with two very playable cuts. The Countdown starts off sounding like Funky Green Dogs, then does a very passable Daft Punk impression (think One More Time) before bringing in an 80s-ish vocal. Sounds awful on paper, actually sounds quite good in real life. Oh yeah, and there’s also an actual countdown in it, which I guess might come in handy if you’re playing out this NYE.

Of far more interest though is Mainline on the flip, which is basically a reworking of Sir Jam-A-Lot by Captain Sky. Which would be in one sense a bit poor, if Captain Sky wasn’t one of funk’s greatest forgotten talents; as it is, most people won’t realise, and those that do will smile knowingly at the kick-ass funk bass riff before shaking their booties on the dancefloor. I’m guessing.
About: This appears to be on a San Francisco-label called INgrooves (cat no ING004) but its not shown on the only INgrooves website I can find, and the hype sheet talks about a label called Massive Experiment. So I’m a bit confused.

Different Language – On The Up EP

November 27, 2009 in Singles

Another new Yorkshire-based imprint, though this one lives not in Leeds, for a change, but just up the M62 in Hull.

Hull used to be a bit rubbish but as I’ve not been there for about, ooh, 15 years or so, I’m gonna give the city the benefit of the doubt and work on the assumption it is now officially the Singlemost Grooviest Town on the Planet. Pretty much all I’m basing that on is this EP, but to be fair this EP is pretty darned groovy. If low-slung tech-house grooves are what you’re after it is, anyway.

Different Language apparently used to run parties in The World’s Most Happening Metropolis (that’s Hull to you and me) and clearly they learned a thing or two about what rocks a dancefloor and what doesn’t. For instance, samples of Johnny Morris pretending to be a gnu: they very rarely rock a dancefloor, and so Different Language have very cleverly not included any samples of Johnny Morris pretending to be a gnu on here. See how it works?
What they have included is, y’know, some crisp drums and fat basslines and blippy synth noises and stuff. I’m preferring bonus track Idioma to the three mixes of On The Up itself cos Idioma is a bit funkier and less tech-y, but that’s just me.

About: Like I said, this is another new-ish UK label, based in the new Music, Fashion & Impenetrable Cool Capital of the Universe… AKA Hull… and trendy cutting-edge Hull types that they are, they’ve got a website and everything. Hurrah!
Finally, for more information on the hustling east coast mecca of all things fabulous that is Hull, click here.

Raymundo Rodriguez – 3 Colours EP

November 27, 2009 in Singles

Call me very literal-minded but I find it quite confusing that this is called the 3 Colours EP when there’s only two tracks. But there you go.

Anyway… A-side The Oompa Dance is a Latin-infused midtempo deep house groove. It’s okay but a bit forgettable, TBH, and when B-side Yeah’s Theme first got going with its metallic-sounding kicks and Chi-town bassline I wasn’t that impressed either… and then in came some lush chords and jaunty keyboard sprinkles to show me I was wrong and make me very glad I’d not hit the forward button. Not a world-beating, must-have, murder-your-granny-if-you-have-to kinda release, then, but worth checking for the garage-y keys on Yeah’s Theme all the same cos they’ll have heads nodding along nicely.
About: This is on UK label Black & White Orange, about whom I don’t know enough evidently seeing as this seems to be their 29th release! You can find ’em on MySpace here.