Moody Twin – Twins N Bassbins

September 30, 2009 in Singles

This, so the hype sheet tells us, is “a collection of tracks for an all-night groove experience”. That’s actually a bit of an over-statement cos the seven tracks actually only total about 41 minutes, ha ha, but there’s certainly plenty to get your teeth into.

Moody Twin, the crossword buffs among you will notice, is an anagram of Tim N’ Woody, AKA Star-Fi label bosses Steven ‘I Am The Woodstar’ Wood and Tim ‘Lo-Fi’ Stoakes. Steven has described the Moody Twin sound to me as a halfway house between his ‘deep and leftfield’ house and Tim’s ‘4am dancefloor minimal’. As for my own HO, well I’d describe Twins N’ Bassbins itself, in its Original Mix form, as deep and groovy techno with a subtle dash of acid. S’nice. Tim’s 4am Mix is a bit more stripped-down and trippy, the IATW Midnight Mix is a tad housier with a slightly ‘electro’ (in the modern sense) feel to it, while the Hop N’ Drop Mix is the joker in the pack, a weirded-out late night, trip hoppy kinda rub.
You also get three bonus tracks, Little Drummer Boy, I Like It Sometimes and BiPolar In Order. The latter sees them wandering into synthy Italo-disco pastures, I Like It Sometimes is a trip down rave/bleep memory lane while Little Drummer Boy is something of an oddity, with a foot in each of those camps but with an added indietronica kinda feel.
All told it’s a package with a little something for everyone! For me it’s the Original Mix of Twins N’ Bassbins and I Like It Sometimes that I’m feeling the most but y’know, take your pick!
About the label: Star-Fi is the label that Tim ‘n’ Woody run out of Nottingham and Croydon. Techno-savvy 21st Century dudes that they are, they’ve only gone and got themselves their very own page on that MySpacebook thing on the Worldwide Information Supernet, haven’t they, the rascals? Point and click here to ‘surf’ at it, as I believe is the correct terminology.

Timo Garcia – Swing Thing

September 29, 2009 in Singles

Timo Garcia is one of those DJs/producers who’s been plugging away on the UK house scene for years, with releases on Cr2 and Toolroom as well as his own Berwick Street label. Swing Thing sees the lad take a step up, though, cos it’s been snapped up by the mighty Nervous (we’re not worthy, etc) in the US.

In its Original Mix form, Swing Thing is a percussion-led affair that then, somewhat unexpectedly, mutates into the Charleston. It’s sort of like Doop only, y’know, not shit. Demarkus Lewis turns in a remix that’s pretty much just a deep house set-filler, with just the slightest of nods to the Charleston in the melody, while Reuben Keeney’s rub is a glitchy, vaguely techno affair that I don’t really understand. BUT THEN we come to the rather sterling Jenkinsound Remix, which is by none other than iDJ‘s very own Dave Jenkins and his brother Pete. Their take on Swing Thing sees the track transformed into a groovalicious liquid funk roller with all the 1920s stylings still intact that’s actually my favourite mix… and I’m not just saying that cos I’ve got to sit across a desk from him for the rest of the week.
About the label: Nervous! Our very own Dai The Records on Nervous! How exciting. Anyway unless you’re, like, 13 or something you don’t need me to explain who Nervous are but here’s their website anyway.

Dan McKie – Off The Beat

September 29, 2009 in Singles

I’m not saying I’m totally in love with this one, but I get sent a lot of stuff by Dan McKie, or on his 1980 Recordings label, and most of it is way too electro-shouty-main room for me. This however is somewhat more acceptable so it’s about time the lad from Acton got some coverage!

Off The Beat is still pretty main room, mind you, so I’d suggest sticking to the Tom Tuc Remix, which has a deeper feel with its tribal percussion and some nice pads… The other reason this has made the cut is cos it’s got just a hint of a hip-house vocal, and I’m a sucker for hip-house vocals.
About the label: This is on Pacha Recordings, and I’m sure you don’t need Pacha explaining. So here are links to the websites of Dan McKie and 1980 Recordings instead.

Various – Munich Disco Tech 5

September 29, 2009 in Singles

I’ll admit it, I’ve somehow managed to miss the first four installments in the Munich Disco Tech series but on this evidence I’ll be tracking them down ASAP, cos this EP is quite frankly da bomb. Denis Horvat’s Bitch is too techno-y for me but the other four tracks – Juan Sanchez’s Elvis, Tignino & Leo’s Into The World (in Original and Oliver Klein Remix forms) and Sultan & Ned Shepard’s Kitsch – are all great: jackin’, discofied house grooves that show how much influence Sneak and the Relief sound have had on the German house scene. Even though the artists actually come from Holland, Italy and Canada, respectively.

This is out OUT THIS WEEK, so go seek. Oh, and here’s a fascinating fact for you: Into The World features a vocal from Mark Kerr, son of Jim. Simple things please simple minds (see what I did there?)
About the label: Great Stuff is another one of those German labels (see also Gigolo, Get Physical etc) that I probably ignored for far too long, and as a result you probably know far more about them than I do. My bad. Anyway here’s the Great Stuff website and I’ll go eat a great big pie made of humble, shall I?

Various – One Dub

September 28, 2009 in Albums

Been meaning to blog this one for a while, but somewhat oddly got onto the subject of Luciano* with Terry Farley today**, and it reminded me to pull my finger out and get on with it. See, it emerges that one thing me and Mr Farley have in common is a lifelong love of reggae. You wouldn’t know it from listening to Junior Boys Own records and you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog, but there you go. We were talking about going in scary record shops and buying reggae records when we were (respectively) 12. His was a West London record stall, mine was some random shop in Stratford (east London, where my brother lived at the time), I can’t remember what his record was right now but I know mine was the Clint Eastwood & General Saint album, only they’d sold out (it took me till I was about 22 to find it in the end).

ANYWAY Luciano cropped up as someone we both liked from the current crop of reggae artists. Which brings me to what I like most about this album: the broad sweep of artists involved. You’ve got old school names like Sugar Minott, Michael Rose and Macca B; then you’ve got more current names that should be familiar to anyone who (like me and Terry, as it transpires) at least TRIES to keep up, like Dr Israel, Luciano, Manasseh and Bush Chemists; and then you’ve got a bunch of people that I’ve frankly never heard of. Which makes this a very solid bet if you like reggae and dub, would like to have an idea what’s going on right now but don’t know where to start.
It’s my go-to reggae album du jour, anyway.
About the label/more info: This is on Canadian label Interchill, who seem to do a lot of ambient and leftfield electronic stuff mainly. Here’s their website. Also, here’s quite an interesting interview I found with Manasseh, from when he was involved with the equally ‘useful for keeping up’ Nu Shoots Inna Roots comp a few years back.
* The reggae singer Luciano, not the techno producer Luciano
** Come on, if you’d been talking to Terry Farley today, you’d probably name-drop it, too.

Acid Pauli – Marvin/The Real Sydney

September 27, 2009 in Singles

I’m going to quote the press release on this one: “Yo hermeneutics! Acid Pauli knows where the shoe pinches: we all need more soul… fuck hermeneutics!” It then goes on to say that “in the middle of the tune the striation crosses, and then it ooze out soul and the sun rise.”

No, I haven’t got a clue what they’re going on about either. Still, it’s a suitably odd press release for an equally odd record. Marvin starts out with a droning French Kiss-style bassline over some beats that are sufficiently “curiously skippy” that I’ve been trying to work out if it’s actually in 3/4 time (I don’t think it is)… and that’s it until some random chappy starts freestyling What’s Goin’ On over the top. It’s odd, but I think Mr Gaye would approve.
Meanwhile on the flip, The Real Sydney has a beat that’s just a tad too jaunty and jolly to be called minimal, atop which sits what SOUNDS like some genuine early southern jazz… but could of course these days have come straight off a sample DVD… anyway the overall effect is like hanging out in a 1920s juke joint in Mississippi, trying to not to get lynched by the KKK… only, like, Luciano’s playing.
Told you it was an odd record. I like it, though.
About the label: Do you know, I haven’t got a clue who sent me this. Gonna have to look into that one and get back to you… in the meantime, Acid Pauli is actually one of German artnoiseniks The Notwist so here’s their website and MySpace for you to be going on with… oh and you can hear some more Acid Pauli stuff here

NYC 1990s mixtapes

September 27, 2009 in Singles

Just found this awesome website with mixtapes (.RAM format but still) of Junior @ Sound Factory, Frankie Knuckles/Tony Humphries/Kenny Carpenter on the radio, plus links to loads of Sound Factory-related stuff… cool as, check it!

Oh yeah and as we were talking about Ralphi Rosario, click here to see an interview with the man himself.

Peter Brown – Come Together

September 26, 2009 in Singles

Germany’s Housesession may not be the most cool, hip and underground of labels, but they’ve got an ear for a big club tune, and Come Together is one of their best to date. I’d give the Tune Brothers mix a swerve unless you’re of a ‘funky electro house’ mindset but the rest of the mixes are pretty palatable.

The Original and Dub are straight-up back-to-’89 piano house. Okay, so the vocal (from one Linda Newman) isn’t the strongest you’ve ever heard, and yeah, it’s all been done before (20 years ago, in fact)… but for hands-in-the-air fun and frolics in bigger rooms you could do a lot worse. Meanwhile, Alex Del Amo, Javi Ortiz & K-low provide another Vocal and Dub that are far more contemporary sounding, in a kind of post-minimal prog way. So four out of five ain’t bad, is it?
Peter Brown, BTW, is an up-and-coming Spanish guy who’s had stuff out on Pacha Recordings before, and is nothing to do with the Peter Brown of ’70s disco fame who did the original version of Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me, as covered by both Fierce Ruling Diva and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.
About the label: Another really quite all right dancefloor offering from Germany’s Housesession crew. Visit their website to find out more about them.

Andre Crom & Luca Doobie – Attica EP

September 26, 2009 in Singles

Andre Crom’s name seems to be popping up attached to more and more very likeable popular music recordings of late. Here’s another one. Attica is probably one of Freerange’s most accessible releases to date, injecting their usual deep house grooves with a dash of disco and, most notably, a big piano break in the middle. There’s a nice parping organ line, too – good times on the dancefloor guaranteed.

Dutch newcomer Makam from The Hague then reworks the track, giving it a looser-limbed, live-funk-jam kinda feel (lots of background whoops and yeahs), before we get to closer Better Now Than Later, which sounds very contemporary Berlin with its retro Chicago feel, if you know what I mean.
All in all, three equally good tracks of proper straight-up house music, neither cheesy nor noodly and built firmly with the dancefloor in mind. That’s about as good as it gets, I reckon.
About the label: This is on Freerange, a label who’ve always done some good stuff but really seem to be on fire at the moment. Here’s the obligatory website link. And here’s a picture of Hartley Hare from Pipkins. Just because.

Oddvar – For Lovers EP

September 26, 2009 in Singles

I’ve not come across Oddvar before, but then apparently he’s a young German producer who’s made his name on the minimal scene thus far, so that’s hardly surprising. At any rate, this is his latest and it’s not a minimal affair at all, but rather a four-track EP of some rather pleasing house music. Slave To The Bar has slight nods to old skool Chicago, while Without You – the standout for me by far – has some nice organ sounds and a kind of leftfield garage feel. Love Me and (Jens Bond collab) The Secret, meanwhile, are just nice looping club grooves.

I dunno, it’s quite a hard EP to describe, I’m finding. But it’s also quite good, with fat basslines and crisp beats a-plenty, so why don’t you head to the label’s MySpace and HEAR IT YOURSELF (well, two tracks of it anyway)?
About the label: This is on Sportclub Music, a label I don’t know anything about except they’re German and part of the Kompakt family. And once again, here’s their MySpace.