Yousef feat Derrick Carter – Legacy

July 30, 2009 in Singles

When two of the biggest names in house from either side of the Atlantic team up, you’d expect the results to be pretty good, and thankfully Legacy is. It’s a housier affair than Yousef’s recent album A Collection Of Scars And Situations, though there’s a definitely techy feel to the beats. Mr Carter supplies a spoken vocal that also provides continuity between this release, and his Squaredancing In A Roundhouse album. Not much else to say, really: Legacy is a bit tougher and more big-room than I’d play in my own DJ sets (ha! like there’s many of them!) but it’s good all the same.

Release details: This is on Renaissance, a label I shouldn’t really have to explain, and it’s available now from Beatport, or next week from a bunch of other download sites.

Various – Deep House Part 1

July 30, 2009 in Albums

In an era of ‘post-minimal’ this and ‘tech-tinged’ that, it’s easy to forget what ACTUAL PROPER DEEP HOUSE sounds like. Allow Italian rulers of the deep Harley & Muscle to remind you, then, with a two-disc, 26-track collection of the kind of drifty, almost sub-aquatic but resolutely groovy tackle you may just find you’ve subconsciously been fiending for*. Artists featured include Dubbyman, Rick Wade, DJ Aakmael and Ray Valioso and no, I’ve not heard of most of them either – this is the real upfront, underground deal. It will also have the same effect on your ears that a massage and a nice hot bath might have on tired, aching bones. Just gorgeous.


*** Another review that was intended for iDJ… but then Dave Lee went and released a Sunburst Band album, and as he was very kindly guest-editing the issue we couldn’t really not review it, so that went in instead at the last minute.


About the label: This is another excellent offering from Germany’s Clubstar/Soulstar stable. They’ve been discussed on these (web) pages before but to find out more click here.


* That’s a very iDJ thing to say. If I’d written this just for this blog, I’d ASSUME you were after quality deep bizniss like this.

Filipsson & Lindblad – A Splendor In The Grass

July 30, 2009 in Albums

Coming at you on Tirk Recordings offshoot Nang, this could be classed as nu-disco, certainly… but it could just as well be filed under deep house, albeit deep house with a strongly discofied edge, as Chicago-isms and old school Balearic flourishes abound within its 11 glorious tracks. So if disco and deep house are two of your favourite things, you’re gonna love this. Filipsson & Lindblad are an Icelandic/Finnish combo currently based in New York and Berlin, and this album features a track called ‘Daniel Wang Is My Neighbour’. Those two facts alone should make you want to buy it… if not, then suffice to say it’s an album that will please the house diehards and the trendy Hoxton disco cardigans in equal measure, and that’s no mean feat.


*** NB: This review was meant to go in the new iDJ, but didn’t by accident. If it had done, it was getting nine stars. Ah well.


About the label: Tirk is one of the bastions of the nu disco movement, and Nang is one of its sub-labels. Read all about disco in all its many forms in the current issue of iDJ – the one with ‘Shiny disco balls’ on the cover – or find out more about Nang at their website. Or click here for the Tirk website.

SupeRecordings Summer Sampler

July 24, 2009 in Singles

SupeRecordings is a new label from the Solemusic/Tronicsole camp, and this is a sampler of three releases that’ll be coming atcha over the next couple of months. Jaws by Baracus and OCD by Geoff M & Terence T both tread a slightly more main room and slightly more electro-fied house path than you might expect from the Glasgow boys (which is why they’ve started new label for them I guess). And then we get a 2009 re-edit of Daddy’s Favourite I Feel Good Things For You, which should go down well in the current disco-obsessed times. Can we expect to see disco house/filter disco making a comeback, riding the coat-tails of the nu-disco/cosmic disco vogue? Be interesting to see, anyway.

Look out in iDJ for full reviews of all of these when they get proper releases.

About the label: This is what Geoff, Stevie & the rest of the Sole crew have to say about their new imprint. “SupeRecordings is a label dedicated to bringing top-notch house music made for the dance floor. Our artists will include the new breed of bright, shining new talent as well as some of the scenes more established names to bring you a positively superb line-up of releases. Expect first-class electronica, pulsing, hypnotic grooves, tripped out dubs, scorching vocals and throbbing, percussive rhythms.”

Digital Filth – Roots

July 24, 2009 in Singles

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the uber-soulful Matthew Bandy release below we have this slab of no-nonsense dancefloor stomp from the aptly-named Digital Filth.

Digital Filth is Paul Carroll from Stoke, has had previous releases on Elektrotribe among others, and once won a remix competition iDJ ran with Spinout Records, as well as appearing in the Ones To Watch section. Filth is a pounding, driving kind of affair. I guess you’d call it techno maybe but ‘dirty house’ would do as well… only not in the annoying-nasty-noise kinda way that those words often imply these days. Ain’t nuthin’ but a relentless jackin’ groove… and there’s a lot to be said for that.
Not even sure if this is coming out or what, but you can hear it at Digital Filth’s MySpace. There’s also a ‘proper’ website but the MySpace seems to be more up to date.

Matthew Bandy – Jealous Of You

July 24, 2009 in Singles

Got sent this ages ago, but it got put inadvertently aside… sorry Matt for the delay!

Anyway, Matthew Bandy is the UK producer better known as Deep House Souldiers, whose excellent This Is Why We Dance from back in 2003 gave this blog its name. This latest offering sees him treading an even deeper path, with a soulful number that’s essentially broken beat but with a deep house sensibility (ie, there’s some nice pads). If you dig the Rurals’ more soulfully-inclined moments, or the less out-there side of Bugz In The Attic, you should dig this, too. Though if you can work out what the hell the lyrics are about you’re clearly a more poetic soul than I am.
About the label: This is on Offering Recordings but I don’t know anything about them. Looking at their MySpace, they seem to be based in Belgium and mainly concentrate on Afro kinda shizzle.

Johnson Junior – On Fire

July 24, 2009 in Singles

WAY upfront on this one cos it’s not actually out for several months, but as this is only a one-track teaser promo thought it might as well go straight up…

On Fire they’ve called it, but what this actually is, is a remake of MK’s classic Burning. And it’s a pretty faithful cover, too, or at least faithful to what you imagine the track might sound like if it was made this year and not in 1992: you do get the full vocal, which I THINK has been resung though it’s certainly very close to Alana’s original.

I expected not to like this, seeing as Burning has to be in my all-time top 20 at least, but it’s actually pretty groovy, and they haven’t gone all OTT main room electro or anything at all. I can think of a few producers who could do with taking a leaf out of Johnson Junior’s book in that respect.
About the label: This comes on Excessive Records, about whom I know nothing except they’re based in Holland. They’re not on Discogs and their website is under construction so I’m guessing it’s a new label but I could be wrong. I am, occasionally.

Brooklyn Friends – Tramp

July 24, 2009 in Singles

Something of a killer old school meets new school hook-up here, cos Brooklyn Friends are in fact David Morales and Quentin Harris. And thankfully, Tramp is exactly the kind of quality house offering you’d expect from such a pairing, a fairly lo-slung, rolling kinda groove that’ll work any house crowd without a doubt.

Bit confused what’s going on release-wise, cos this is out now on Beatport, but apparently it’s “taken from the forthcoming EP” Go Back, so who knows what a-gwan? I don’t really understand, but then I find I understand less and less as time goes by, generally.
About the label: It’s on Nite Grooves, the trackier sibling in the King Street family. Nuff said.

Short Bus Kids – Shout Out EP

July 21, 2009 in Singles

And speaking of people who are runnin’ tings on the west coast right now (see below), along come those ker-razy Short Bus Kids with another superb EP that totally justifies the praise I’ve recently been lavishing on them in iDJ. I’m seldom wrong about these things, you know…

The EP kicks off with Shout Out, which uses a reggae/ragga-style vocal, something I’ve not heard on a deep house track for quite some time. It comes in two mixes, Underground and Club, the latter being a tad more percussive and probably workable for a broader range of jocks, though it’s the former that does it for me. Then we get Yah Better Hurry, something of a curveball from the SBK’s cos it’s a breakbeat-driven number with a hip-hop vocal (albeit from the funkiest and least in-yer-face reaches of the breaks spectrum imaginable), before the EP comes to a close with Tony Montana, a deep house dancefloor romp with a discotheque sheen and samples from… well, I’m guessing you can imagine what film it samples. That’s right. Holiday On The Buses*.
About the label: This is the 15th release on Bounce House Recordings, which is the SBKs’ own label, and as reliable a source of rumpshakin’ deep house as you’ll find anywhere in Christendom right now, even if their sleeves are a bit rubbish. Show some love, peeps.
* I seem recently to have developed a morbid fascination with On The Buses. I always used to loathe it with a vengeance, but lately I can’t help watching it. Even though it singularly fails to make me laugh, which in the normal run of things would be one of my foremost requirements from a ‘comedy’. The whole situation’s a bit odd, to be honest.

The Fingermonsters – Freaky People EP

July 21, 2009 in Singles

Firstly – what a great name! How can we not love an act called The Fingermonsters? Thankfully the tuneage here delivers on the moniker’s promise, too.

You get two mixes apiece of People and Freaky Wit Da Sound. The latter is a jackin’ affair that will suit fans of Sneak, Carter etc down to the ground. It’s got bags of energy, and its sufficiently twisted and techy to appeal to fans of Dirtybird, Playtime et al as well as more traditional deep house heads. People, meanwhile, is an altogether funkier affair, but still with that hefty boompty swing, that features a looping, treated vocal (“just can’t figure out people/that like to talk about people” – not sure if it’s a sample, any offers?), then unexpectedly turns into a wobbly bass-fest halfway through. It’s big without being stupid, and that’s a hard trick to pull off. It comes accompanied by a Jake Childs Remix, which is in a slightly more traditional ‘bouncy deep house’ vein and has East Midlands written all over it. Which is odd really seeing as he’s from Texas.
About the label: This is the latest from Prismatic Recordings, Andrew Phelan’s Moulton Studios-based imprint that is pretty much runnin’ tings on the west coast at the moment, as far as I can see. Have a look at their website for more info. Or click here for an interesting interview with Jake Childs at